The image above, taken April 27, shows the site of a potential landslide blocking a stream in the Gorkha District of Nepal. It is an example of the kind of tools that are being used to target recovery efforts and speed assistance.

The many ways government tech is aiding in disaster relief

Imagery, datasets and applications have been enlisted in the response to the earthquake in Nepal.

Natural disaster

6 big data projects to aid disaster response

U.S. and Japanese researchers will partner to improve big data collection and analysis.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe

McAuliffe: Virginia is getting serious about big data

Building on state's IT strengths, the governor pushes for public-private partnerships to increase analytics for bioscience.


What's holding back Hadoop?

A survey of data management experts finds that qualified staff and clearly defined business cases are the top obstacles to deploying the open source big data solution.

big data infrastructure

Big data must haves: Capacity, compute, collaboration

Advanced capabilities allow researchers to focus on their work, rather than on the tools that enable it.


NOAA's no-cost plan to get more data into the cloud

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, Microsoft and the Open Cloud Consortium will help the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration more effectively distribute its data.

health related big data

Northrop partners with university for health data analytics

Northrop Grumman will expand its cybersecurity work with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, to include research on health data analytics.

Website analytics service counts more than clicks

Website analytics service counts more than clicks

A marketing-analytics-as-a-service provider looks to provide federal websites with predictive capabilities and real-time data insights.

Can analytics help firefighters save lives?

Can analytics help firefighters save lives?

The New Orleans Fire Department used data analytics to identify households at risk for fires and conduct door-to-door smoke alarm outreach.

Law enforcement needs better tech chops

Report: Law enforcement needs better tech chops

Rand researchers found that the law enforcement community needs to boost its knowledge of technology and better share information.

root cause of application performance issues

Applications running slow? The root cause might come as a surprise

To uncover the root cause of application performance issues, IT pros must look at database performance from an end-to-end perspective.

Ebola modeling tech floats flood response app

Ebola modeling floats flood response app

Virginia Tech graduate students built a tool that integrates local open data with an Ebola response model to aid emergency response to flooding.

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