IoT apps coming to a city near you

IoT apps coming to a city near you

More than 30 teams are participating in the Global City Teams Challenge, pursuing projects related to integrating the Internet of Things into public safety, energy and transportation applications.

A simulated spatial distribution of disease risks, overlaid onto a Google base map of North America.

CyberGIS: infrastructure for massive geospatial data, processes

CyberGIS is a geospatial-specific infrastructure that manages, processes and visualizes massive and complex geospatial data, while performing associated analysis and simulation.

How big data tool experience tracks with tech salaries

Data analysts and engineers who know how to use the advanced, recently developed tools of big data typically can pull in high salaries.

Cheat sheet for the Internet of Things

Buckle up because the Internet of Things is about to take off fast. Here's a quick list of the basics of the new super network.

Is the term ‘big data’ passé?

While 'big data' was useful at one point in encapsulating the idea of exploiting huge volumes of structured and unstructured information, many feel the term is past its sell-by date.

merging geospatial datasets

Map merge: How USGS integrates geospatial systems

While geographic information systems have become well established in the federal government, the current challenge for agencies is to integrate their data with that from their counterparts in other jurisdictions.

Big data promises a health care remedy

Government agencies are making strides testing uses of big data to predict risks of disease or the path of a killer virus, but hurdles remain, including linking legacy datasets and setting up common vocabularies.

Student loan office casts net for ‘creative’ credit analysis

Student loan office casts net for ‘creative’ credit analysis

The Office of Federal Student Aid looks for new and unconventional data models to determine the credit worthiness of its loan applicants.

ORNL researchers such as Sreenivas Rangan Sukumar are using graph computing to study big data related to health care.

How a computing powerhouse delivers health care insights

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Lab used three diverse high-performance computing architectures to analyze publicly available health-related datasets.

elevation data supplements satellite imagery

Elevation data helps prepare for natural disasters, climate change

The elevation data will better enable scientists to monitor the impact of sea-level rise, conduct environmental monitoring activities and support local decision making.

Analytics powers app for social workers

Analytics powers app for social workers

The Case Advice app pulls data from a variety of back-office systems and makes it available to case workers while they’re in the field.

USAID looks to upgrade geospatial analytics

USAID looks to upgrade geospatial analytics

The economic development agency plans to expand its uses of data analytics and visualization technologies in order to convert more data into actionable information.