IoT fuels next-gen law enforcement

IoT fuels next-gen law enforcement

Growing federal investments in the internet of things -- including cloud, analytics and sensor technologies -- will power physical and cybersecurity, a new study shows.

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Census director’s resignation could affect control of Congress after 2020

A properly funded census will help ensure accuracy in the number of states’ congressional representatives and votes in the Electoral College.

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Can machine learning help secure the IoT?

Machine learning and analytics can spot anomalies in network traffic indicating a compromised device.

Treasury upgrades USASpending.Gov as agencies submit data

The latest version of USASpending.Gov opens access to federal spending information mandated by the Data Act.

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A data-driven way to deal with ailing baby boomers

The Social Security Administration is looking for a machine learning and natural language processing solution to help it handle ever more disability claims and hearings.

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'Minority Report' moves closer to reality

Big data analytics helps officials identify criminals and terrorists, while virtual reality training improves agencies’ situational awareness and responses.

VA enlists Energy’s super powers for health research

The VA-DOE Big Data Science Initiative joins the forces of Energy’s national lab system and the VA’s Million Veteran Program’s digital health and genomic data to advance health care and drive next-generation supercomputing designs.

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Every picture tells a story, but visualization can tell the right one

As data visualizations leverage machine learning, data mining and statistics, they can deliver better insights into big data.

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State officials push tech to combat child porn

The Campaign for Child Rescue encourages the use of advanced technology to locate and rescue children from sexual exploitation and trafficking.

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IoT is the glue holding our smart cities together

The robust communications that smart cities are built on requires systematic evaluation and benchmarking to ensure effective delivery of public services.

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A data-driven approach to deciding on infrastructure investments

By modeling the flow -- of freight, commuters, money or anything else -- across each link of a network, researchers can show where investment will be most beneficial and which projects shouldn’t happen at all.

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Lafayette taps IoT for air quality data

City government, industry and university partners are building an interactive smart city platform for Lafayette, La.

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