Federal 100 winners announced

Last call for FCW's Federal 100 Award nominations

If you know someone doing outstanding work in federal IT, be sure to nominate them by Jan. 3.

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Graph databases help agencies spot relationships across silos

The solution lets users connect data points among siloed datasets and applies machine learning so that their algorithms improve over time.

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DOD looks to analytics to fight fraudulent contractors

The Defense Logistics Agency wants to beef up its Business Decision Analytics tool to catch supply chain fraud and crack down on "CAGE jacking."

algorithms in justice

New York City moves to create accountability for algorithms

The New York City Council passed the country’s first bill to address algorithmic discrimination in city government.

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Colorado puts technology in the driver's seat

The state is building the country's first production-grade, connected vehicle system in which real-time data is shared across vehicles, infrastructure and people.

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Illinois drops predictive analytics for at-risk children

The predictive analytics program to identify children at risk for serious injury or death "didn't seem to be predicting much," the agency's director said.

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Cutting continuous monitoring down to size

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program is looking to reduce the effort dedicated to continuous monitoring.

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Why agencies struggle with performance analytics

Many local governments have not been able to capture data and successfully apply it to their decision-making process, according to researchers at the Brookings Institution.

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Understand your data before collecting more

A top-down data review helped Virginia develop a shared service model for cybersecurity.

flight data

FAA promotes data awareness

By tapping into its vast stores of data, the Federal Aviation Administration hopes to spur innovation and increase efficiency.

opioid analytics

W.Va. county building opioid data hub

Although the bulk of the data will come out of the county's computer-aided dispatch system, the plan is include health and education information.

FAA data

FAA Shark Tank challenge promotes data awareness

Designed to highlight the agency's enterprise information management initiatives, Data Awareness Week includes a Shark Tank Data Challenge competition.

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