analytics on employee performance (kentoh/

How to survive the 'silver tsunami'

Analyzing and visualizing data on employee performance can help agencies recruit and retain the best employees and ensure seamless succession plans.

Catalyst supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Energy Department launches new HPC initiative

The new program focuses on materials for use in severe environments, and is part of DOE's larger HPC4 Energy Innovation Initiative.

data analytics (Elnur/

How data analytics supports Virginia's Medicaid services

The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services is bringing data analytics to the state's Medicaid services.

health care big data (Panchenko Vladimir/

Leveraging big data for pediatric health

While major public health initiatives are getting a boost from the power of big data, pediatric medicine is taking longer to make similar gains.

connected Atlanta

Atlanta and Georgia Tech roll out smart city projects

The North Avenue Smart Corridor Project uses adaptive traffic signals for a safer, more efficient flow of bus and vehicular traffic in real-time conditions.

dashboards (NicoElNino/

A plethora of YADs: Let's hope they point to a more intelligent future

Every day seems to bring yet another dashboard that not only reinvents the performance reporting wheel but also fails to support data sharing across organizations and systems.

data privacy

How to get both better data and more privacy

The Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission is pushing for a federal service that facilitates access to data for evidence building and ensures privacy and transparency in how that data is used.

adequacy of residential treatment facilities in Virginia (SAS)

Virginia maps opioid response

Color-coded heat maps show gaps in addiction treatment coverage so decision-makers can recruit more providers and push community outreach.

software bias

Uncovering discrimination in machine-learning software

Researchers have developed a way to test algorithms to determine if the decisions they make are biased.

surveillance camera (Vasin Lee/

Smarter camera systems for better surveillance

Software that builds video analysis intelligence into cameras will provide earlier alerts to public safety managers.

doctor wearing VR goggles (angellodeco/

Better research results with VR

Besides creating experiments that are easier to control, virtual reality produces a lot of data.

machine learning for radio

DARPA tunes machine learning to radio signals

By applying machine learning to the radio spectrum, the research agency hopes to give the military situational awareness in the wireless domain.

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