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Driving the future of smart cities with IoT

A new generation of IT systems based on internet-of-things technologies can carry smart cities development farther and faster than originally imagined.

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Real-time mobile management

NetMotion’s Mobile IQ provides detailed visualization, analysis and alerting for networks, users, devices and applications inside and outside the firewall.

Centennial HPC (U.S. Army photo by Jim Nelson)

Army taps super powers for vehicle armor

The Army Research Lab has used its high-performance computing systems to design protection for vehicles on the battlefield.

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Boston takes on traffic by building better data, not more roads

The city is tapping into public, private and ride-sharing data to help it make better decisions, Boston CIO Jascha Franklin-Hodge says.

Making sense of human data

Making sense of human data

To get a better understanding of its patients’ health care needs, the Department of Veterans Affairs is turning to software that can help extract meaning from unstructured data.

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Machine learning enlisted for Defense applications

DOD officials are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to get insights from big data faster.

Saildrone carrying multiple sensors with NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson in the background. (NOAA)

NOAA casts a net for emerging tech

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wants new observing capabilities and applications that process environmental data.

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Don't forget your dig IT nominations

Help GCN showcase great examples of discovery and innovation in government IT.

IoT fuels next-gen law enforcement

IoT fuels next-gen law enforcement

Growing federal investments in the internet of things -- including cloud, analytics and sensor technologies -- will power physical and cybersecurity, a new study shows.

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Census director’s resignation could affect control of Congress after 2020

A properly funded census will help ensure accuracy in the number of states’ congressional representatives and votes in the Electoral College.

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Can machine learning help secure the IoT?

Machine learning and analytics can spot anomalies in network traffic indicating a compromised device.

Treasury upgrades USASpending.Gov as agencies submit data

The latest version of USASpending.Gov opens access to federal spending information mandated by the Data Act.

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