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Predictive policing shows promise in Chicago

Districts where predictive software is fully operational have experienced fewer shootings and homicides.

GOES-R satellite (NASA)

NOAA puts GOES-R weather satellite data in the cloud

Provisional data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's newest weather satellite is being shared as part of the agency's Big Data Project.

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Announcing the dig IT Award finalists

From mobile security to smarter transit to swarming drones, these 25 projects represent the best of discovery and innovation in government IT.

8 steps to smarter government GIS

The hidden costs of open data

Publicly sharing municipal data -- and geospatial data in particular -- can lead to indirect costs and complications, a new report warns.

federal blockchain

Rat problems? In D.C., data could help

Washington, D.C., has created the Lab @ DC help make policy decisions driven by what’s in the numbers. Rodent abatement is one initiative.

smart city

Why cities must look to private-sector data sources

The vast amounts of information being collected by consumer apps and services could have a big impact on how cities plan for transportation and land use.

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Data science can help us fight human trafficking

New mathematical tools show great potential both to interrupt the human trafficking cycle and to provide the information needed to help victims escape to safety.

connected city (Krunja/Shutterstock.com)

How communities get to IoT

Although federal research and funding are helping communities design replicable internet-of-things projects, integrated, complex ventures are still a challenge, GAO says.

Mobile Gun System Stryker (Photo by Sgt. William Howard)

Agencies explore AI, IoT integration

Federal agencies are exploring opportunities to integrate internet-of-things devices into their everyday operations, but security concerns persist.

data analytics (Alfa Photo/Shutterstock.com)

How analytics can help agencies fight fraud

Data matching, predictive analytics and risk assessments can help managers not only spot and prevent fraud but also determine the best tech investments.

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Beyond open data: Insights through analytics

A new book promises practical steps for leveraging data to deliver better government.

taxes data (Onchira Wongsiri/Shutterstock.com)

Using data to solve business tax noncompliance

With greater transparency into businesses and their practices, agencies can greatly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of audits, investigations, collections and inspections.

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