Big Data

How cloud can improve intell community's analyses

Cloud computing could revolutionize the intelligence community's analytical and big data processing capabilities, according to an INSA white paper.

Wolfram Alpha Pro

Wolfram Alpha Pro runs rings around today's search engines

More concierge than search engine, Wolfram Alpha Pro will analyze a query, perform high-end math calculations and even analyze images.

CMS taps analytics to examine big health care data

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to create visualization tools, advanced analytics and prototypes for health data delivery.

Big data's big question: Where are the data scientists?

The move to big data requires a different skill set, experts say, as they try to define the role of data officer or data scientist.

Big data deal: Microsoft aiming for Hadoop interoperability

Microsoft is aiming to make its Windows and other tools interoperable with Apache Hadoop, a key framework for agencies pursuing big data.

CIA wants big data, petascale computing to speed info analysis

The agency is looking at new information processing and networking technologies to dramatically reduce the time it takes to analyze data.

National Geospatial Platform still has a few mountains to climb

The depository for federal GIS data is operating but must clear some hurdles before it can reach its full potential, geospatial information officers say.

2012 outlook for mobile data traffic

This year, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the world's population, according to a new forecast, continuing a trend that will help push global mobile data traffic to 10 exabytes by 2016.


Stop agency data leakage in its tracks

PowerBroker Desktops checks for policy violations in each outgoing e-mail and prevents unwarranted data from leaving a single computer.

Where does the IT money go in 2013 budget proposal?

Obama's 2013 budget proposal aims to cut federal IT but increase its use when it makes government more efficient. Here's where 10 departments stand.

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