Big Data

Officially extinct: NASA pulls plug on its last mainframe

The demise of mainframe computers at NASA brings back memories of those Big Iron days. Have any stories you'd like to share?

What's your agency's big data IQ?

Investments in information management technologies will fail to perform if government agencies lack the capacity to use these tools to drive better decision-making.

Mike Daconta

Good metadata means good government

Understanding how to design the right metadata is the key to helping users (and citizens) get the most value from data on your organization's products and services.

Unleash the data scientists: How government can use big data

Government agencies would do well to invest in the new breed of data scientists, trained to bring a statistical, technological and business mindset to the use of big data.

If you need cool servers, open a window

Department of Energy scientists want to use outside air, and not much else, to cool the agency's new facility and supercomputer.

Presto, chango: Business intelligence software with a mobile makeover

JackBe has updated its business intelligence platform and its focus. With the release of Presto 3.2, customers can now expose their mashups to a dizzying variety of mobile devices.

Avoiding the BI strategy of going mobile for mobility's sake

A new report from The Data Warehousing Institute looks at the how and the why of mobile business intelligence, and offers insights before taking the first step.

NIST to tackle big data

Big data will be on the agenda this year for the National Institute of Standards and Technology's IT Laboratory.

Apache Hadoop: Big data's big player

Hadoop, software that allows for the distributed processing of large datasets, is considered a catalyst in the evolution of big data applications.

Big data spawns new breed of 'data scientist'

The rise of big data has sparked demand for data scientists with expertise in statistics, technology and business who can extract value from big data flows.

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