Big Data

What you need to know about big data

It's not one thing, but a mix of technologies that can let you make use of the exploding data generated by sensors, mobile devices and broadband. And it's in everyone's future.

DiscoverPoint software

An info and expertise concierge for the office

DiscoverPoint, the GCN Lab's pick for the February Technology of the Month, is designed to point users to the most relevant information and subject-matter experts in the shared platform environment.

Cleversafe targets big data with 10 exabyte storage

Cleversafe debuts "dispersed storage" system capable of holding 10 exabytes of data, a scale required by new methods for analyzing big data streams.

FBI's Megaupload bust, Anonymous' hacks underscore SOPA battle

Seven foreign citizens are indicted for stealing millions of dollars from the recording industry via Megaupload, which appears to have had the support of some of its most prominent entertainers.

What's wrong with SOPA: Here's one example

Wikipedia's dark pages show what a world with SOPA and PIPA would be like.

Cyber threats in 2012: 5 pain points

Attackers, whether criminals, industrial spies, hacktivists or nation-states, are highly motivated and will use blended threats delivered through a variety of channels.

Coders take up USPTO's $50,000 challenge

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is enlisting the developer community to develop algorithms to help digitize the patent application process.

NY state to proceed with student database

New York's on-again, off-again bid to join a multistate database of students' academic information is back on.

System would monitor feds for signs they're 'breaking bad'

DARPA is supporting development of a system to monitor e-mail, texts and other activities on a massive scale to identify insider threats.

Paul McCloskey

Big data = smaller government

Government's increasing use of analytics software could help pull the nation out the current economic stall and make government programs smaller, smarter and cheaper.

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