Lesson from the Army cloud: If you do a contract quickly, 'you're in trouble'

A word of caution on moving to the cloud: Don’t think you can rush through the contract process quickly, retired Lt. Col. Michael Devines told a FOSE audience.

What cloud computing needs to take the next step

Agencies and vendors need common definitions, performance metrics and security controls, say panelists at the FOSE 2012 conference.

Treasury exec: Cloud helps you leap ahead, but be ready for change

Moving to the cloud can help agencies leapfrog into new technologies, but if you're not open to new ways of doing business, it won't be worth the jump, a Treasury exec says.

Consolidation at the crossroads: 4 paths taken

Budget-strapped agencies are looking for savings in e-mail consolidation, whether in a public, private or hybrid cloud. Here's how four organizations did it.

3 tips on e-mail consolidation

State CIOs who have finished e-mail consolidation projects suggest starting small, communicating widely and considering a tiered services approach.

SQL Server 2012 available for purchase

Microsoft has announced that SQL Server 2012 has been released.

New in cloud: Brokers that let you select providers by the job

The emergence of cloud brokers can aid government agencies in purchasing cloud services and facilitate cross-platform integration and communication, industry experts say.

How Michigan's consolidation plan kept wolverines from the door

Over the past decade, Michigan's Department of Information Technology has cut costs by consolidating resources and standardizing its approach to better meet the needs of the state's agencies.

Integrated services? The cloud alone isn't enough.

Agencies will need to deploy cloud and service-oriented architectures together to achieve integrated services and greater information exchange across agencies and organizations, government and industry experts say.

FOSE 2012 serves up 5 courses of hot tech

FOSE offers five conferences in one: program slices on cloud computing, cybersecurity, mobile computing, defense innovation and records management.

Paul McCloskey

Government cloud gets personal -- and Siri-ous

When the government cloud meets the burgeoning consumer cloud, service to the citizen should look more like Siri to the citizen.

Farm Service Agency looks to the cloud for imagery data

The Agriculture Department's Farm Service Agency is investigating how geospatial imagery data can be delivered via cloud-based Web services.

Mike Daconta

Why NIST's cloud definition is fatally flawed

NIST's definition of cloud computing is incomplete because it excludes big data and omits any number of "things as a service."

Minnesota lets 35,000 workers collaborate with Office 365

The state's new "collaborative ecosystem" covers more than 70 agencies and is open to other public-sector organizations.

Cloud-bound agencies must do their homework on security, accountability

Federal agencies stand to become more efficient by moving to a cloud-based model, but they need a plan for getting over institutional barriers, a panel of experts says.

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