Ceding data ownership for 'any-device' access is a risky trade

When we give up ownership of information and resources in favor of anywhere, any-device access, we risk trading down on security in the process.

5 reasons you'll have a personal cloud by 2014

With the spread of mobile devices and apps, the personal cloud will replace the personal computer at the center of users' digital lives, according to a report from Gartner.

SIIA forms public-sector group to work with agencies on cloud

The association has launched a new membership group to help technology companies take advantage of the evolving federal investment in cloud-related technologies.

How cloud can improve intell community's analyses

Cloud computing could revolutionize the intelligence community's analytical and big data processing capabilities, according to an INSA white paper.

8 great shortcuts for Google Apps, Gmail

If you're new to Google Apps for Government, or even a veteran Gmail user, you might not know about these handy keyboard shortcuts, many of them single-key functions.

Interior wants to put all its messages in one cloud

The department is looking for a cloud-based Enterprise eArchive System for capturing e-mail, social media, instant messaging and electronic documents.

Colorado joins move to Google Apps

The state expects to cut its e-mail costs in half by providing a unified system to its 26,000 employees.

Desktop virtualization: Is the future now?

As smart phones and tablets redefine personal computing, agencies across the United States are giving desktop virtualization a fresh look. Could yours be next?

Move to Office 365 gives USDA robust e-discovery

The Agriculture Department's use of Microsoft's cloud and ProofPoint Enterprise Archive gives it one of the best e-discovery systems in the federal government, says USDA’s CIO Chris Smith.

Microsoft building a government community cloud

Microsoft is developing a multi-tenant, government community cloud to add to the variety of cloud offerings the company provides agencies and businesses.

Microsoft's Azure cloud service goes dark

Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform is still in the process of recovering after a lengthy outage that affected multiple countries took it offline Feb. 29. Was Leap Day 2012 the culprit?

Smart-grid security delayed by questions of government regulation

With billions of dollars being invested a smart electric grid, its security still is being debated by a Congress divided politically over the role of government in securing critical infrastructure.

Conflicting laws undercut global cloud's promise, study warns

Governments need to harmonize their policies on privacy, cybersecurity and five other areas to support the flow of data across borders, according to a BSA study that ranks 24 countries' preparedness.

TSA piggybacks on Coast Guard emergency alert systems

When the Transportation Security Administration needed to upgrade its emergency alert system, it opted to use the system already in place for its sister agency the Coast Guard.

Interior says cloud e-mail data must be stored in US

The department revised its RFP for an agencywide cloud e-mail and collaboration platform, saying the data must physically reside in the U.S. or its territories.

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