A self-healing network and other new technology for government

Federal officials and industry representatives got together at AFCEA's Emerging Technology Symposium to go over the latest tools.

SSA wants better analytics to improve website

SSA is seeking information about cloud-based software-as-a-service Web analytic tools to improve analytics and gain better insight about Web usage on

Agencies need new model for 'just-in-time IT,' federal CIOs say

The current system prevents agencies from reusing each other's services, CIOs said at a recent conference.

Feds put some meat on FedRAMP's bones

The FedRAMP Concept of Operations document released by the General Services Administration gives the program structure as it prepares for initial launch in June.

State, local governments get advice on moving to the cloud

State and local governments now have a plan on how to best evaluate, acquire and implement cloud services and technologies.

Feds to advance data center marketplace for unused capacity

The Federal Data Center Consolidation Task Force is working to develop the marketplace, part of the administration's efforts to save money through consolidation.

Where does the IT money go in 2013 budget proposal?

Obama's 2013 budget proposal aims to cut federal IT but increase its use when it makes government more efficient. Here's where 10 departments stand.

US energy systems have disaster written all over them

Bringing new, localized sources of energy online in a smart grid would help to create a resilient, independent energy system and could foil potential cyberattacks to boot.

Moving storage to the cloud? Don't forget about security.

Agencies should look for storage providers that support their security and privacy requirements as they move data into cloud infrastructures, an industry expert with Amazon Web Services advises.

Virtualization makes replication easier

Virtualization at the server, network and storage layers will make replication of data easier within a disaster recovery system as well as in the cloud, experts say.

Tips for replicating data in the cloud

The replication of data across multi-tenant environments will be a growing concern for agencies moving big storage to the cloud. Here are ways to do it right.

Legal, policy frameworks can hamper cybersecurity

The current legal and policy framework encouraging voluntary security efforts have failed to protect the nation's infrastructure, but additional regulation could be counterproductive, industry reps told a House panel.

NASA wants to put Web services in agile-like cloud

NASA's Office of the CIO is seeking contractors to handle its websites and ancillary services, including content management, search, and collaborative tools such as blogs and wikis.

Is platform-as-a-service ready to leave the station?

As cloud computing efforts move to applications, platform-as-a-service will likely become a common delivery model.

Agile platform gives Army division a fast track to the cloud

The Army's Architecture Services Division within the Software Engineering Center has deployed a platform designed for the rapid development and migration of applications to a private cloud.

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