Are IT managers pushing back on OMB's cloud-first policy?

A majority of federal IT managers say the rush to the cloud could be creating security risks, and they're not convinced the move will lead to significant cost savings, according to a survey.

SSA puts out the call for a private storage cloud

The Social Security Administration is seeking information on how a private cloud might be used to provide an enterprise disk storage infrastructure for the entire agency's data storage needs.

CSC unveils a cloud for federal agencies

CSC has unveiled a cloud computing platform designed primarily for federal agencies, which provides infrastructure-as-a-service offerings.

Navy's new disaster response van runs on solar, wind power

The Navy's salvage command has rolled out a command van that uses solar, wind and battery power to supplement its generator.

Google edges out Microsoft in UC Berkeley cloud services bid

Microsoft has lost the bid to provide cloud-based e-mail and calendaring services to the University of California, Berkeley.

NOAA, Pittsburgh complete switch to Google Apps

Over a six-month period, NOAA moves 25,000 employees, contractors and associates to Google Apps; the city of Pittsburgh moved 3,000 employees on time and on budget.

Cyber threats in 2012: 5 pain points

Attackers, whether criminals, industrial spies, hacktivists or nation-states, are highly motivated and will use blended threats delivered through a variety of channels.

In California, secure file transport goes through the cloud

The state hosts its Secure File Transfer service on a private cloud, offering it on a pay-as-you-go basis to government entities and their partners throughout California.

Secure cloud service: If you build it, you have to sell it.

California's Office of Technology Services depends on charge-backs from customers to fund its cloud-based Secure File Transfer.

Got research? NIST could show you the money.

NIST has opened its research funding programs for fiscal 2012, with the IT Lab among nine grant programs that are accepting applications.

VanRoekel lays out key 2012 IT priorities

Obama's chief information officer said he plans to focus first on doing more with less.

OMB launches 'Shared First' IT consolidation drive

In a draft proposal, federal agencies are asked to consolidate at least two agency systems under a shared services approach by December 2012.

In moving to cloud, NASCIO advises 'buyer beware'

A report by NASCIO advises states CIOs to pull legal, human capital, finance and data management expertise into their teams to grapple with policy complexities of cloud computing.

Is your agency ready for server virtualization?

Server virtualization is the division of a server's memory or processor capacity into separate and isolated "virtual machines," simulating multiple machines within one physical box. So where is your agency with the process?

CMS wants to pool IT resources into virtual data center

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services wants to establish dispersed, world-class data centers owned and operated by a broad set of industry partners under a single contract vehicle.

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