5 ways to benefit from NIST's cloud road map now

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's top cloud computing executive offers five steps agencies can take to benefit from the government's cloud tech road map.

Bring your smart phone to work; leave your data in Somalia

Two recent decisions don't seem connected, but both will affect the way agencies ultimately choose to move to cloud computing while supporting new mobile devices.

Why agencies need 'cloud-smart' apps

You can move old, clunky applications to the cloud, but they'll still be old, clunky applications, federal IT execs say.

GSA, agencies create common 'landing zone' for geospatial data

GSA recently entered into an agreement with the Agriculture and Interior Departments as well as the Environmental Protection Agency to move geospatial data from the portal into, said David McClure, associate administrator with GSA's Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies.

Real doctors, onscreen: VA program makes online house calls on vets

The pilot program in the Midwest uses two-way video and secure text applications to treat patients in rural areas and those with mobility issues.

Ga. town chooses smart grid as a service

The town of Norcross, Ga., is looking to the smart grid as a service to upgrade its electric grid and boost energy efficiency.

How open-source can improve cloud security

Using open-source software can let organizations draw on a wide range of expertise, which can come in handy after a cyberattack, a State Department official says.

Security 'chaos' leaves utility grids vulnerable, report says

In one example, Pike Research shows how a $60 smart-phone app could give an attacker control over parts of a power grid. But what is being done about it?

Hot enough for you: Data center cooling system heats buildings

The water in the mineral oil-fueled cooling tank, heated by computers to about 122 degrees, is being routed to the HVAC systems of surrounding buildings in Sweden.

Geospatial Platform puts data, maps and apps all in one place

A multiagency effort is developing a one-stop shop for accurate, interoperable geospatial data, maps and tools from across government.

Do you know the App Internet? It knows you.

The App Internet is an emerging trend that will allow organizations to deliver more value to citizens, customers and business partners, according to an analyst with Forrester Research.

Cloud services hacked via Google search

Researchers recommend against putting critical data in a public cloud after discovering that it is easily accessible through Google's search engine.

NASA cloud storefront to offer scientists range of services

NASA is working on a cloud storefront that will give the agency's scientists and engineers access to computing resources and services they require -- regardless of their computer environment.

NIST releases 'Bible of cloud implementation'

Agency IT managers charged with deploying cloud computing will want to closely check the last two volumes of The U.S. Government Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap, according to some industry observers.

When should you virtualize your agency's desktops?

Desktop virtualization is intended as a server-centric computing model where all client data and desktop configuration information are stored on a server.

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