8 tech dinosaurs: Which would you kill?

Every office has Mesozoic Era technologies that don't fit the Digital Age. Some are near extinction, some should be, but others continue to thrive, for good reason.

After consolidation, ATF wants to sell cloud services

IT managers with The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have extra data center space and want to get in the business of offering cloud-based or shared services to other federal agencies.

NIST, Europeans to collaborate on smart-grid standards

The lead agency in developing technical standards for a U.S. smart grid has agreed to work with an EU group to create a common framework.

Would automated cloud security catch a 75-cent error?

Automated security systems from public cloud providers will have to be configured to analyze behavioral patterns, but human analysis could make a difference, NIST's Lee Badger says.

Google, Microsoft cloud crashes: Is this the new normal?

Recent outages for Google Docs and Office 365 add to a string of public clouds going dark.

Some tough questions you need to ask your cloud provider

When moving to the cloud, plan, plan and plan. And ask your vendor the right questions, says CBP's Wolf Tombe.

Hyper-V hypes up Windows 8 release

Microsoft has confirmed that its Hyper-V hypervisor will be part of Windows 8, though little else is known about the operating system.

Marines find that going green has military value, too

More efficient systems and solar-powered devices at forward bases can help save energy, money and, at times, even lives.

CIA's In-Q-Tel strikes deal to help intell agencies cut energy use

Power Assure and the CIA's In-Q-Tel have entered into a deal to derive more efficiency out of data centers.

What would a Stuxnet-type attack in US look like?

Experts say the country's decentralized infrastructure might be less vulnerable than Iran's, but it could also make response more difficult.

Georgia to test smart-phone video conferencing

The state's health department is planning to use a cloud-based product that will allow it to create between four- and nine-way meetings.

Fla. city takes secure path to Google cloud

Panama City officials add an extra layer of security to lock down Google Docs, giving it control of document publishing and archiving.

Smart-grid dividend: security and intelligence already built in

Regulators and power companies are doing their best to ensure that new energy distribution systems are equally secure and intelligent.

Salesforce apps aim for the social enterprise unveiled a vision for the social enterprise that brings together social, mobile and open cloud technologies at the company's Dreamforce 2011 user conference.

Mike Daconta

Why programming languages no longer matter

It is not that there is no difference among programming languages. It's just that those differences are becoming less and less a factor in choosing a development platform.

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