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Wyoming is goo-goo for Google

No one can blame the state for being partial to the conglomerate. With all of its 10,000 employees now using Google Apps for Government, Wyoming will save more than $1 million a year.

Crash takes down Microsoft's cloud-based Exchange service

An outage affected the Exchange messaging service, which went down for several hours June 22 across North America.

Why not a paperless Congress?

Congress without paper would improve efficiency, economy and transparency, but a love of paper and the need to develop a secure, standards-based life cycle for legislative paperwork means it won't happen soon, a House panel is told.

Accurate flood mapping is still a work in progress

Agencies are still at work gathering data needed to bring the latest GPS technology to bear in creating more accurate flood maps for the United States.

In Texas, software ties together first responders' radios

Interoperability software allows emergency response groups to communicate across a variety of systems and equipment.

How GIS can make you a better citizen

Geographic information system apps are appearing on smart phones and, in turn, are enabling people to connect with and enhance government services.

A GIS mobile app sampler

Check out these mobile apps that promote the use of GIS to consume, create and share geospatial data.

NOAA moving e-mail to Google's cloud

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration plans to migrate 25,000 e-mail users to a cloud-based unified messaging service by the end of the year.

New Jersey mashes up to keep traffic moving

The New Jersey Department of Transportation is making traffic data from a variety of sources available to drivers through multiple channels, including interactive voice response systems for phones and a new website.

Are agencies getting on board with telework?

More than three-quarters of federal agencies have completed telework policies, according to a Telework Exchange survey in May, although about one-third of employees are actually participating.

How could feds be fooled by Google phishing attack?

The e-mail apparently used in the attack seemed to come from Google and cited security concerns, but when it asked for passwords, users should have known better.

Tenn. outlaws sharing passwords for Netflix, other entertainment sites

A first-of-its-kind law will make it illegal for anyone in the state to share log-in information for entertainment sites such as Netflix and Rhapsody.

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