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Amazon gets cloud services back online

After a three-day outage, Amazon Web Services has restored service for a majority of its customers.

How 3 agencies are managing the move to mobile devices

Interior, ATF and GSA try to work out the details regarding infrastructure and application issues of deploying wireless technology.

Microsoft clears way for non-windows adaptation of PowerShell

Microsoft has announced a licensing change that may make it easier for PowerShell to be devised for use on platforms other than Windows.

Microsoft's cloud apps catch up with Google on FISMA certification

About a week after its public dispute over Google Apps for Government's FISMA certification, Microsoft announced that its cloud-based suite of applications has passed muster for government use.

Amazon cloud crash keeps Energy site offline

What can go wrong with cloud computing? A cutting-edge Energy Department collaboration website hosted by Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud went dark not for a matter of minutes or hours, but days.

Is Amazon's cloud crash a cautionary tale for government?

Amazon's extended outage at one of the data centers that hosts cloud services could be of concern for agencies being ordered to move some applications to the cloud.

'Culture of reuse' critical to modernizing old applications

Modernizing old applications could free a lot of money that is sunk into operations and maintenance, write two executives at Unisys Federal Systems.

Dennis McDonald

Maybe smart phones aren't so smart when it comes to collaboration

We might be entering a new Tower of Babel age in which the proliferation of devices and standards makes it harder, not easier, to collaborate, writes consultant Dennis McDonald.

Need data fast in the battlespace? Cloud has it covered.

Cloud computing has revolutionized how the federal government stores and accesses data, but now the Army is taking it all the way to Afghanistan.

RHUB TurboMeeting (TM 200)

TurboMeeting has everything you need for remote gatherings, in a small box

Price, ease of setup and its perfect niche features make the RHUB TurboMeeting 200 a device that could find a home in any organization that hosts meetings and should pay for itself in less than a year.

Can a hot desktop cure a frozen medical network?

The Defense Department is deploying thin clients to breathe new life into a sluggish electronic health records system.

Paul McCloskey

'Minority Report' technology is just a game -- for now

Advances in human interface technologies, evident in Microsoft's Kinect, have a lot of potential in public safety and health care.

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