Collaboration Tools

Steelhead appliance can cut latency out of the cloud

The Steelhead appliance from Riverbed Technology uses wide-area network optimization techniques to reduce or eliminate the nagging problem of latency in the cloud.

Google's +1 is, like, strangely familiar

We know that the Facebook folks already got the good one. But did Google really have to resort to making people go around "PlusOneing" things, and finding out what their friends have already "PlusOned"?

Lifesize Passport

A videoconferencing tool that gets it right

Passport from LifeSize Communications, a division of Logitech, attempts to find a happy medium between large and expensive, and small and cheap.

How to use Facebook without getting fired

Government employees can safely use Facebook if they follow some simple guidelines concerning people they know -- and people they don't.

Feds turn out in droves for Telework Week

More than 34,000 federal employees participated in National Telework Week, 10 percent of them first-time teleworkers. What did they gain?

It's all semantics: A glossary of machine-to-machine communications

These key terms to help elucidate the National Information Exchange Model and semantics.

Health care field is fertile ground for semantic tech

The health care domain featured one of the earliest uses of semantic technology in the public sector — and it could also fuel adoption in NIEM.

Is government ready for the semantic Web?

The government has been slow to take up semantic technology, but a relatively obscure interagency XML project could provide a much-needed boost in fields such as law enforcement and health care.

Telework success tip: One step at a time

Much of the technology already is in place to enable teleworking in agencies. The challenge is implementing it with policies in manageable increments.

Federal telework to-do list

The Telework Enhancement Act is calling agencies to set up telework policies and programs by June 9.

HHS sets data free, public reaps the benefits

The Health and Human Services Department has been pushing out its data in recent months and the results have sparked innovation and helped consumers, Chief Technology Officer Todd Park said at a new media conference.

Telework on the sly: How many feds really work outside the office?

Studies show the number of federal employees unofficially working remotely is outpacing the official estimates.