Collaboration Tools

Who's working on Android security defenses?

Some of the top names in the business are, that's who.

4 steps to securing your Android

These tips will help keep your smart phone safe.

Can Android take BlackBerry's government job?

Android has overtaken the BlackBerry in the mobile-phone sweepstakes, but Google must fix security and device management before taking up residence in government.

Google Apps for Government

Google Apps for gov a boon for teleworkers

Suite designed for government use takes the 'labor' out of 'collaboration.'

DARPA turns to the public for vehicle design

DARPA is using crowdsourcing techniques to design a next-generation combat vehicle.

Texas police department contracts out live video monitoring

The Addison, Texas, Police Department is using Dallas-based Stealth Monitoring Inc. to monitor and transmit live video of potential emergencies to dispatcher, according to a report by Government Technology.

Fighting terrorism with technology

Technology from SAS, Microsoft, i2 and IxReveal is being used in state fusion enters to search intelligence data and reporting from myriad sources.

Paul McCloskey

Cops, collaboration and the cloud

The Port of Los Angeles' use of unified communications -- this month's cover story on GCN -- is a preview of how the public sector will be able to utilize the cloud as technology continues to evolve, free of any required device or network.

The tech that makes anti-terrorism tip lines effective

Fusion centers are trying new tools for using intelligence databases across states lines, which come in handy after a new government program for reporting suspicious activity gets into high gear.

What's so hard about public/private partnerships?

Everyone agrees that public/private partnerships are necessary to improve cybersecurity. So why is everyone still asking for them?

The unified comm challenge: Products that work together

How leading communications systems providers met the challenge of building infrastructure that is always available, resilient and scalable.

Cisco attempts to bring unity to unified communications with Jabber

Cisco Jabber, built from Jabber Inc. technology that Cisco acquired in 2008, attempts to bring unified communications solutions across platforms Macs, PCs, Nokia phones and tablets.

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