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Google, Bing in slap-fight over search results

Microsoft should just own up to reverse-engineering Google. After all, in this business, isn't that the sincerest form of flattery?

NIST's how-to on securing virtual machines

The benefits of virtualization can be offset by added complexity and security risks; NIST has released guidelines for addressing these risks.

Police put social media on the trail of crime investigations

A survey conducted last year by the International Association for Chiefs of Police found that 81 percent of law enforcement agencies are using social networking tools, often to investigate crimes.

Texas ramps up statewide Medicaid services network

In a bid to lower its health care costs, the state of Texas has awarded a contract to give physicians the ability to access Medicaid records and order prescriptions electronically.

What's ahead for government IT in 2011?

An IDC Government Insights report for 2011 predicts that 25 percent of government organizations will adopt cloud computing, open government efforts will spur greater agency collaboration and citizens will create their own online services.

How far can virtual worlds go in improving the real one?

Computer modeling simulations are getting increasingly fine-grained, with plans to produce a nearly omniscient view of the Earth. But can they account for the human factor?

Paul McCloskey

Government joins the ingenuity party

The ingenuity boom does not seem to be led exclusively by technology developers. The government management ranks are brimming with new ideas for harnessing technology.

Schools find savings in moving to Microsoft's Live@edu

The cloud-based e-mail service has gained 4 million new student users worldwide over the last three months.

Report cites FBI's 'weaknesses' on Agile development

Add the FBI to the list of federal government agencies that are reportedly failing to correctly implement Agile software development practices -- a move mandated by the Obama administration.

Analytics tools help open the book on public-sector agencies

Government organizations trail the corporate world in making use of business analytics, but they can use their own data to influence agency decisions on financial, personnel, policy and other matters.

White House deputy CTO leaves, will target state and local collaboration

Andrew McLaughlin is resigning from his job as deputy White House chief technology officer to start two companies, one of them to develop collaboration tools for state and local governments.

USDA sees beef in cloud computing

The Agriculture Department is moving its e-mail, document-sharing, and other collaboration tools to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure to save money and improve efficiency, USDA officials said today.

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