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Twitter OKs most government requests for user account info

Twitter's transparency report shows it complies with most government requests for user account information, but sometimes the government has to use some legal muscle.

Write once, use 50 times: How CMS' coder challenge will benefit states

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services taps NASA's Tournament Lab for an online competition to develop a new module for Medicaid management.

Got old hard drives? Turn them into cloud servers.

The $99 Cloud Hybrid from Akitio lets you repurpose any SATA hard drive for service over the Internet.

The 10 best federal mobile apps

Agencies are building digital government one app at a time. Here's a look at the best of the current crop.

Drupal's popularity growing in government

The open-source content management system has acquired a considerable niche for itself in federal and state IT circles.

Secure social collaboration platform connects HUD employees

The Housing and Urban Development Department deploys Socialtext's software-as-a-service platform to provide employees with a secure arena for internal social collaboration and communication.

Echograph: The return of low-bandwidth animations?

Old is new again. The animated GIF makes a comeback, but in a new, easy-to-use form that gives you creative options.

InterCall Unified Meeting System

When telecommuting is more than just a phone call

InterCall Unified Meeting helps you host, control and manage a conference call effectively.

Could Yahoo's Axis change the way you browse the Web?

The new plug-in, for use with any major browser, can enhance search, but it might fall short of being revolutionary.

Popular DOD desktop app ready for mobile devices

A DOD desktop-based tool that lets users set up and join meetings on the go is available as a mobile app for Android smart phones and tablets.

High-def videoconferencing to any device, even on low bandwidth

An NCI pilot program to study VOIP led to a platform that can transmit high-definition video to almost any networked device anywhere and promises to "catapult" research.

DOD develops Web apps to fight pirates (the real kind)

An international effort by the Defense Department and the U.S. Navy is developing Web-based applications that will let allied navies share data in the fight against piracy on the high seas.

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