Collaboration Tools

Windows Kinect

Microsoft Kinect takes a swipe at visualization, geospatial apps

Microsoft's Kinect can take inputs from a mouse, stylus, touch, voice or a motion-sensing device.

What's inside NOAA's cloud?

An installation of Google Apps for Government can feature a variety of different programs.

Google Apps on the job: The GCN Lab tries it out at NOAA

With agencies looking to Google Apps for Government as a cloud computing option, the Lab's Greg Crowe visits NOAA, where a team is putting collaboration, customization and cost-control to work.

Interior says cloud e-mail data must be stored in US

The department revised its RFP for an agencywide cloud e-mail and collaboration platform, saying the data must physically reside in the U.S. or its territories.

Police test secure, interoperable app for smart phones

A software-based communications system allows first responders tcommunicate securely with each other and federal, state and local crews.

Where does the IT money go in 2013 budget proposal?

Obama's 2013 budget proposal aims to cut federal IT but increase its use when it makes government more efficient. Here's where 10 departments stand.

What's your agency's big data IQ?

Investments in information management technologies will fail to perform if government agencies lack the capacity to use these tools to drive better decision-making.

New public printer preps GPO for a multi-format future

The emergence of digital media is putting new demands on the Government Printing Office, and newly appointed acting Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks says the ability to supply new formats for customers is "critical to our survival at GPO."

Unleash the data scientists: How government can use big data

Government agencies would do well to invest in the new breed of data scientists, trained to bring a statistical, technological and business mindset to the use of big data.

NASA wants to put Web services in agile-like cloud

NASA's Office of the CIO is seeking contractors to handle its websites and ancillary services, including content management, search, and collaborative tools such as blogs and wikis.

DiscoverPoint software

An info and expertise concierge for the office

DiscoverPoint, the GCN Lab's pick for the February Technology of the Month, is designed to point users to the most relevant information and subject-matter experts in the shared platform environment.

Windows Phone 8 secrets leaked

If the latest details are true, the Windows Phone 8, code-named "Apollo," will integrate the phone with the core Windows 8 operating and restore enterprise-focused features to Microsoft's smart-phone platform.

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