Collaboration Tools

State taps BI software to share criminal info, link other agencies

Oracle's platform helps Maryland create a single view of criminal justice data for federal, state and local crime fighters and extend business intelligence to other agencies, including the Education Department.

Powering and empowering the virtual worker in 2012

As 2012 takes off, agencies are shifting their focus to telework technologies and tools in an effort to foster greater collaboration between the virtual and physical work environment.

Utah moves e-mail to Google Apps for all state employees

The State of Utah recently selected Google Apps for Government as its new e-mail and collaboration platform for all 22,000 state employees.

TSA adopts Coast Guard's emergency alert system

AWS allows the organization to send notifications and alerts to all of its personnel and facilities via voice, text and e-mail.

Bing bumps Yahoo for no. 2 search engine spot, but will it last?

A modest increase in Microsoft's U.S. search market share puts it in second place, but is besting Google really in its future?

Yes, file sharing is now a religion in Sweden

But it's unlikely to do much to stem the global crackdown on piracy.

For Americans, digital piracy is a family thing

People don't approve of criminal organizations making money off of pirated content, but among friends, sharing is just fine, a survey finds.

NOAA, Pittsburgh complete switch to Google Apps

Over a six-month period, NOAA moves 25,000 employees, contractors and associates to Google Apps; the city of Pittsburgh moved 3,000 employees on time and on budget.

Army's thin-client system to keep field commanders in the loop

Command Web allows commanders to access and share information on the Army's data-rich, high-bandwidth command and control networks.

Army tests thin-client system for common operational view

The Army is evaluating a Web-based system that gives commanders access to previously unavailable data residing on thick-client applications.

Government IT trends for 2012

IDC analysts predict 2012 will see a greater focus on mobility and social media use in federal agencies.

Hackathon aims to produce open government apps

Open government should get a boost from an event being held this weekend in San Francisco, according to event sponsor Granicus Inc.

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