William Jackson

Bill Jackson (, a senior writer for GCN, covers security issues.

Let’s kill the kill-switch debate

Hype and hysteria over the supposed “kill switch” in Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s proposed cybersecurity bill has a lot more to do with politics than with cybersecurity.

Best defense against hackers: Know your enemy

Absolute security is impossible, but NSA analyst Tony Sager says an understanding of your opponent’s craft can help you to put him out of the game – at least temporarily.

With social media, State embraces disruption

New technology is disruptive. But the State Department has decided that social networking can be used for agencies and against them, and its presence cannot be ignored, says the department's social media guru, Jared Cohen.

J.K. Rowling, eat your heart out: NIST updates a bestseller

After a decade of preparation, NIST has released the updated "Handbook of Mathematical Functions," accompanied by its companion online version, the Digital Library of Mathematical Functions.

Future of cybersecurity lost in legislative limbo

More than 40 bills, resolutions and amendments dealing with cybersecurity are pending in the House and Senate. Does anyone in Congress care?

The security hole you probably forgot to close

There are some components of networks that even the most thorough security plans are likely to overlook. We tell you what they are.

Cyberthreats: Sometimes Hollywood gets it right

Security experts look at cyber attacks in some popular movies from the last 30 years and find that amid all of the silliness some of the worst case scenarios are disturbingly realistic.

You don't need hacking skills to be a cyber criminal

The growing sophistication of packaged exploit kits makes cyber crime easy and profitable, according to a new report from M86 Security.

Has Conficker spurred a new model for security response?

The Conficker Working Group is a rare example of cooperation between multiple aspects of the private and public sectors to combat a cybersecurity threat, and it could represent a model for future response.

10 years later, the LoveBug still resonates

The LoveBug, or the ILOVEYOU worm, which appeared in the Philippines on May 5, 2000, and quickly spread to Asia, Europe and the United States, marks its 10th anniversary. It's still considered one of the worst worms of the computer age.

Cyber criminals get sloppy in recent attacks

Cyber crime and espionage are growing problems, but we can take some heart in the fact that the bad guys are not supervillains, says columnist William Jackson.

OMG! Fleeting thoughts that last forever

Every idle thought you committed to cyberspace during the past four years now is being archived for posterity by the Library of Congress.

FISMA gets the tools to do the job

Use of automated monitoring and report tools will help to align FISMA compliance with best security practices that have evolved over the last eight years.

Will self-destructing texts protect your sensitive information?

A new smart-phone app promises to remove text messages from both the sender and recipient's cell phones, reports columnist William Jackson. That raises questions about whether you really can -- or should -- do this.

Everything new is old again: Is e-mail on the way out as the Internet's killer app?

A survey of the Web threat landscape in 2009 from Blue Coat Systems indicates that e-mail, the application credited with strangling the U.S. Postal Service, is being supplanted by social networking sites as a primary means of communication.