William Jackson

Bill Jackson (, a senior writer for GCN, covers security issues.

Security issues to fear in the New Year

An increasingly complex and networked world poses new threats; cloud computing, social networking and mobile platforms claim the attention of security prognosticators for 2010.

Politics, bad luck and lack of maturity have hampered DHS

Former DHS cybersecurity chief Greg Garcia says political infighting slowed the development of the young department, but he is confident that things are getting better.

Is a 'digital Pearl Harbor' in our future?

We are more vulnerable than ever, but such an attack would not be easy.

The nation needs a clear cyber war doctrine

If we accept that cyber warfare is a reality — or at least a possibility — we need to develop a clear doctrine for using the offensive and defensive capabilities being developed.

Identity crisis: The threat of bulk thefts

Most reported cases of identity theft come from old-fashioned theft of wallets, purses and PCs, one study shows. But the sheer bulk of data available on servers and company computers makes those types of risks frightening.

With social media, even innocuous comments can add up to a data breach

The intentional disclosure of innocuous information to unintended audiences is an emerging risk that comes with the new generation of social networking and collaboration tools. When enough of this data is correlated, that can become a dangerous breach.

Survey reinforces growing insecurity about IT security

A survey by out-of-band authentication provider PhoneFactor finds a growing percentage of IT security and authentication professionals are worried about the security of their data.

Has secure software development reached its limits?

One security vendor suggests there's a limit to how much software developers can improve the security of the programs they create, and some of the larger vendors are reaching that limit.

Senate poised to pass national breach-notification law -- or maybe not

A Senate Judiciary Committee staffer says the odds look good for passing a comprehensive data protection act. Then we can move on to updating FISMA.

Antivirus software shouldn't be this painful

DHS is stressing "Our Shared Responsibility" during this year's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but client-side security tools too often make it more difficult than necessary to keep yourself safe online.

Patch management: It's not sexy, but it can keep you secure

Former US-CERT director Mischel Kwon says that responding to real attacks and paying attention to the drudge work of patch and vulnerability management can go a long way toward improving government IT system security.

A few tips on keeping short URLs from spelling big trouble

Although Twitter, texting and instant messaging make shortened URLs convenient, when you are clicking on a link, what you can’t see can hurt you.

The hidden dangers of P2P file sharing

Recent reports of persistent leaks of sensitive Defense Department information through file sharing highlights the risks of peer-to-peer applications that can open up unexpected files to others on the network.

The search for federal IT jobs: Just a buyer's market?

The story of problems encountered by a would-be government IT worker generates a host of complaints about hiring practices in the federal workplace.

Government has an opportunity -- and the obligation -- to ensure that IPv6 products work securely

The current status of IPv6 networking in no way ensures security, but agencies can begin working with vendors now to ensure that better security is built in by the time the new protocols are in general use.

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