William Jackson

Bill Jackson (, a senior writer for GCN, covers security issues.

As summer ends, phishing season is on the horizon

According to security companies, summer is a dead time for hacking and phishing. But the bad guys, like much of the corporate world, look to the fourth quarter to make up their profits for the year.

Do federal hiring processes discourage qualified applicants?

Although officials lament the shortage of qualified IT security professionals to fill critical roles in government ranks, one frustrated applicant complains that cumbersome hiring policies discourage those who want the jobs.

When bits and bytes replace bullets and bombs

Cyberattacks against government and news media during last year’s invasion of Georgia allowed the Russian military to win without blowing up critical infrastructure. Is this good news or bad news?

When systems are connected, can any be called low impact?

The new NIST recommendations for IT security controls raise the question of whether it still makes sense to implement security controls based on the sensitivity of an individual system when those systems' perimeters are becoming more ill-defined.

Departures of top cybersecurity officials reflect realities of governing

The recent resignations of White House cybersecurity adviser Melissa Hathaway and US-CERT director Mischel Kwon should not be construed as indicators that cybersecurity has fallen off the Obama administration's radar screen.

Web site hacking: Terrorism or rogue diplomacy?

It doesn’t really reach the level of terrorism, but some countries seem to be including online attacks in their portfolio of diplomatic activities.

Like it or not, we're stuck with an insecure information infrastructure

The battle to secure cyberspace might not be a battle we can ever really win; it is likely to remain a constant fight in which the best we can hope for is to not let the bad guys get too far ahead.

Can't remember all your passwords? Try these tricks

There is no perfect way to make passwords both convenient and safe, but there are some tricks and techniques that can help.

Tweeters beware: All is not secure on the cyber front

Recent hacks of Twitter data and the misuse of the microblogging service for phishing and other malicious activities highlight the danger of adopting new technologies before they are business-ready.

New command does not signal a significant shift in cybersecurity strategy

The new Cyber Command, which will be a part of the Strategic Command, represents an organizational change rather than an operational change in the military’s defense of cyberspace.

With passwords, simplicity can equal strength

Longer passphrases can be easier to remember and provide more security than shorter but more complex passwords with multiple character sets.

A revision of Real ID should start with a debate on whether it’s needed

Commentary: The most important thing Congress can do in reshaping the Real ID Act is to engage in a full debate on the value of establishing a national ID.

Common language is needed for cybersecurity info sharing

If we are going to cooperate and share information to improve cybersecurity, we need to have a common language for it.

William Jackson | Ultimately, the cybersecurity buck stops with Obama

The impact of the new cybersecurity coordinator will depend on how well the office is supported by the president.

William Jackson | Score one for the good guys in battle against spam

A temporary restraining order taking a rogue Internet service provider offline could mean we might see a little less spam in our inboxes, for now.

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