William Jackson

Bill Jackson (, a senior writer for GCN, covers security issues.

Spam's supply and demand

During the economic downturn, there is at least one business sector that seems to be thriving. Unfortunately, it is mostly illegal, unethical and unpleasant.

Physical security and cybersecurity go hand in hand

Hacking generates huge volumes of data theft, but physical theft is a continuing problem that cannot be ignored.

Good advice that bears repeating

The deputy director of the 19th Communications Squadron at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark., recently put together some simple, low-tech advice to remind military personnel and employees of their responsibilities when online.

A breach of ethics, too

The Heartland Payment Systems breach shows what happens when the ethical component is removed from security.

VA settlement demonstrates just how costly lax security can be

The Veterans Affairs Department agrees to pay $20 million for exposure of personal data on millions of vets.

A cautionary tweet

A breach in a social networking site can easily spill over into professional accounts and become a real security risk. A personal firewall in the way you do things can help avoid that risk.

List creates software security squabble

Is the Common Weakness Enumeration Top 25 list a silver bullet for software security? No. But it is ammunition.

The CTO's challenge

THE NEW FEDERAL chief technology officer might technically represent the government, but whoever gets the job will need to focus on a handful of critical areas.

Lock down that data

Technology alone is not enough to secure sensitive personal data, but a new tool could help.

Every cloud has another cloud behind it

Hackers, spammers and phishers are exploiting the economic downturn by targeting social networking job sites.

Cybereye | Obama's opportunity

Commentary: The incoming Obama administration has an opportunity to restore privacy safeguards in the government’s use of information technology.

Has FISMA improved IT security

The Federal Information Security Management Act is going on seven years old now and is due for a tune-up. Critics and advocates alike say the act, which focuses on process rather than technology, needs to move beyond a list of compliance check-offs to a more operational focus on risk management.

William Jackson | Another chance for FCC

Cybereye'commentary: Failure to sell Block D means FCC has a second chance to get public safety network right.

William Jackson | IT security isn't all work, no play

Cybereye'commentary: Principles of detection

William Jackson | Unease persists on Real ID

Cybereye'commentary: Final rules for Real ID cards don't put privacy, security concerns to rest

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