William Jackson

Bill Jackson (, a senior writer for GCN, covers security issues.

Oregon sysadmin wins SANS NetWars competition

NetWars is a cornerstone in the U.S. Cyber Challenge, a multipronged effort to identify and recruit the thousands of cybersecurity professionals needed to secure the nation's critical infrastructure.

Son of Stuxnet could usher in a new chapter in cyber warfare

Duqu is a recently discovered offspring or variant of the groundbreaking Stuxnet worm and is the inevitable consequence of a successful cyber weapon.

Tricare's slow response to massive data loss could raise the risk

The military health care provider waited more than two weeks to publicly report the theft of sensitive records on nearly 5 million military personnel on a backup tape, and it will be another four to six weeks before those are at risk are notified.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is half over — you secure yet?

No one is as secure as they ought to be, but are things all that bad?

Sorry, LightSquared, GPS was there first

In the struggle to balance the needs of a new broadband network with the operation of the existing Global Positioning System, the satellite company will have to accept that GPS has a prior claim on the radio frequency spectrum.

Smart grid security: Will 'good enough' be enough?

The emergence of stealthy advanced threats targeting critical systems raises the stakes in trusting our energy system to IP networks.

The security singularity: When humans are the biggest problem

A growing number of observers see human users, not technology, as the greatest threat to cybersecurity.

Hosni Mubarak needs my help

The former Egyptian president e-mailed me saying he needs a little help moving some of his offshore money to the U.S.

New domains open new targets for doppelgangers, typo squatters

Bad guys have long exploited look-alike domain names on the Internet, and the move to new brand-name domains could allow even more threats.

4 'smart' lessons from the Great Southwestern Blackout

It can be surprisingly easy to shut down part of the power grid — and we don't need an enemy to do it — but there’s some good news, too.

Smart-grid dividend: security and intelligence already built in

Regulators and power companies are doing their best to ensure that new energy distribution systems are equally secure and intelligent.

Crimeware becomes commodity

Cheap, powerful hacker toolkits are just one more burden that the online community must now bear.

When disaster strikes, it’s up to users to preserve bandwidth

The FCC wants to prioritize 911 calls and the wireless industry wants more spectrum, but when an earthquake, hurricane or other emergency hits, users can help conserve precious bandwidth by using it judiciously.

What is Anonymous? It is not pro-privacy.

Recent breaches of personal information against San Francisco's BART system have raised the profile of the hacktivist organization and raised the question: What is Anonymous?

Cost of cyber crime rises sharply

A second annual study of the cost of cyber crime shows a whopping 56 percent increase since last year.

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