William Jackson

Bill Jackson (, a senior writer for GCN, covers security issues.

Whitelisting stopped Flame, but don't bury antivirus just yet

Antivirus and intrusion detection software have come under fire lately, but they're still important in securing cyber systems.

Bosses and CISOs: What we've got here is failure to communicate

A recent survey suggests CEOs and CISOs don't speak the same language. Maybe it's time for government to set some generally accepted standards for information security.

If software patches are important, why do so many ignore them?

The continued presence -- and exploitation -- of known vulnerabilities suggests that some executives have decided that installing software patches is not worth the effort.

Cell phones vs. toothbrushes: Sounds like an opportunity

If more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush, someone is missing their big break.

Should US adopt the Godfather cyber defense doctrine?

Vito Corleone had an elegant solution to identifying the source of clandestine attacks.

Finally, an alternative to the tyranny of passwords?

DARPA's "active authentication" would be a welcome alternative to passwords and other cumbersome credentials.

The untimely death of the advanced persistent threat?

The term advanced persistent threat has become a buzzword that many security pros prefer to avoid, but it remains a useful description of a serious threat.

Poor follow-up left public vulnerable after FBI's DNSChanger bust

The take-down of an Internet fraud ring went down as planned, but inadequate public outreach left millions of computers at risk.

Ceding data ownership for 'any-device' access is a risky trade

When we give up ownership of information and resources in favor of anywhere, any-device access, we risk trading down on security in the process.

Nervous when out of cell range? You may have nomophobia.

As if we didn't have enough to be afraid of, now there's nomophobia – the fear of being out of cell phone contact.

Can cybersecurity profit from corporate self-interest?

The telecom industry's insistence that all regulation is bad for security does a disservice to those who rely on critical infrastructure.

Which is the bigger threat, missiles or hackers?

In a study on cybersecurity attitudes, one-third of security officials rated computer security higher than missile defense.

Could you continue to operate under cyberattack?

In the cybersecurity world, the military model of mitigating damage when operating in degraded conditions is increasingly applicable.

Stop playing politics with cybersecurity

The no-regulation stance of Senate Republicans opposing the new cybersecurity bill lessens the chance of getting meaningful legislation passed.

Internet Society launches info hub for DNSSEC, IPv6

The Deploy360 site is an online resource for information on two transformative technologies being implemented globally on the Internet.