William Jackson

Bill Jackson (, a senior writer for GCN, covers security issues.

It's time to shelve SOPA, PIPA

Pending bills to address online piracy and counterfeiting are technically irresponsible and err by making third-party service providers responsible for enforcement.

Court's GPS ruling doesn't answer the real question of online privacy

The court's decision that use of a GPS tracking device constitutes a search relied on property rights and did not address the question of privacy in an increasingly online world.

Anonymous lures unwitting users into online campaign

The attack by hacktivist group Anonymous against law enforcement and entertainment sites caps a week that shows cyberspace is emerging as an arena for grassroots political activism.

Cyber threats easy to predict, so why do they still surprise us?

It didn't take a crystal ball to predict the main threat trends for last year, but seeing them coming didn't make them any easier to stop.

A space-time cloak? Time holes? It's not science fiction anymore.

New research in creating time holes to cloak events sounds esoteric, but hackers might be able to use it to mask online intrusions into IT systems.

Anonymous hack of intell company Stratfor was all too easy

The breach of credit card and other data shows that too many organizations still ignore the basics, exposing themselves to serious, if low-level, threats.

3 resolutions you can make for better security in 2012

Security budgets aren't likely to be plentiful in 2012, but there are things you can do that don't cost much.

Internet Hysteria Index: Are we losing our edge?

The Technology Policy Institute has developed a model for evaluating just how well the Internet is fulfilling its potential for hyperbole.

Domain trademark holders deserve better protection

Policies for Top Level Domain expansion put too much burden on trademark holders to defend themselves against infringing domain names.

Why we're unfit to wage cyber war

When a water pump burned out in Illinois, everyone was ready to point the finger at Russian hackers, proving we don't know enough about cyberspace and our own systems to effectively engage in cyber warfare.

Applications for new top-level domains open next month

The land rush for new .anything top-level domains is expected to begin next month, but the price of admission will be steep.

IPv6: It's now reality, not theory

The shift to the new generation of Internet protocols has begun in earnest, and organizations should begin planning for how IPv6 will be integrated into the enterprise.

How smart are social bots?

Bot networks are clever enough to harvest personal information from social networking sites. But are these social bots smart, or are we just being dumb?

Are Facebook's terms of service the law of the land?

At the heart of the debate over the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act's "authorized access" provisions is the question of who gets to write federal law: Congress or corporations.

Are mobile devices already making PIV cards obsolete?

Requirements for using Personal Identity Verification credentials for logical access to networks appear to be forgotten in the adoption of mobile devices in the enterprise.

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