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Tracing the sources of today's Russian cyber threat

Some of the most talented and dangerous cyber warriors and criminals come from Russia, a long-time meddler in other nations' digital systems.

Los Angeles is launching Cyber Lab

LA launches Cyber Lab to share threat data

The public-private partnership will disseminate threat intelligence generated by the Los Angeles Integrated Security Operations Center.

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Defending the 'front line' against election fraud

Counties and local municipalities need help -- and funding -- to defend their election systems from security threats.

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End-to-end encryption isn't enough security for 'real people'

Computer scientists must improve security where we are most vulnerable -- on our own devices.

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7 security projects worth watching

Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate is funding development of a number of early-stage security solutions.

facial recognition tech (Artem Oleshko/Shutterstock.com)

Facial recognition tech installed in more airports

So far this summer, five major U.S. airports have added technology to verify the identities of foreign travelers.

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Eliminating network blind spots and preventing breaches

Real-time cyber situational awareness gives agencies network visibility to protect infrastructure and data.

padlock on server cable (Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock.com)

Why state and local government still struggle with cybersecurity

In addition to mitigating malware and phishing attacks, agencies must build domain name system resilience into their risk management programs.

biometric fingerprint (whiteMocca/Shutterstock.com)

Big-time biometrics: India's Aadhaar project

By enrolling its 1.3 billion residents in a biometric ID program, India can transform how citizens, governments and businesses interact.

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DefCon hackers made short work of voting machines. Now what?

Even machines not connected to the internet can be hacked, so election officials must ensure they’re using secure technology and locking down the entire voting process.

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Announcing the dig IT Award finalists

From mobile security to smarter transit to swarming drones, these 25 projects represent the best of discovery and innovation in government IT.

malware detection (Alexander Yakimov/Shutterstock.com)

Inside the fight against malware attacks

Created by researchers at University of Texas Arlington, the SEMU malware analysis system provides a comprehensive log of malware operations, making it easier for security analysts to understand what the malicious program was supposed to do.

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