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Should government social media accounts be treated as critical infrastructure?

Social media accounts used for timely or sensitive communications should be subject to the same cybersecurity practices followed by the energy, transportation and chemical sectors.

election security (

Best practices for election systems security

A new handbook from the Center for Internet Security details ways jurisdictions can improve the security of their digital elections systems.

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Is your county elections clerk ready for Russian hackers?

In a decentralized election system with more than 10,000 separate jurisdictions, the onus for security is on local officials.

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Can IoT transmissions be securely encrypted?

MIT researchers have developed a tiny, low-power chip that is hard-wired to perform public-key encryption.

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Despite security concerns, states haven't upgraded voting tech

Although election security has received significant attention following the 2016 presidential election, a new report finds that little has changed since 2015.

Recent data breaches spark debate over 'reasonable' notification rules

States are trying to beef up consumer protections by clearly defining how quickly residents must be notified of a data breach and broadening the category of "personal information" covered under such laws.

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Using blockchain to secure the 'internet of things'

Blockchain-based systems that check in for updates would help all IoT manufacturers secure their devices.


Is FirstNet secure enough for law enforcement?

Although California eventually decided to opt into the FirstNet national public-safety wireless broadband network, it raised concerns about the network's compliance with Criminal Justice Information Services requirements.

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How agencies should respond to shorter breach reporting statutes

As the increasing number of breaches collide with tighter reporting mandates, agencies must strike a balance between protecting citizens and taking the time required to conduct a meticulous forensic investigation.

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Has .gov been pwned?

The Australian and UK governments now have centralized access to Have I Been Pwned, a service that will let them monitor whether their domains' email addresses have been compromised.

Internet of Battlefield Things

Developing and protecting the internet of battlefield things

The Army Research Lab is exploring technology that enhances collaboration between autonomous agents and human warriors on the battlefield.

Get ready for IoT-enabled threats

As IoT use ramps up, so do attacks on networks

As the internet of things expands, the number of devices that must be secured is skyrocketing.

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