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When outsiders become insiders

Once an agency network is breached, a determined hacker becomes an insider, so the security mechanisms in place to mitigate the damage are critical.

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Biometrics could 'harden' immigration security, speed processing

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services wants to beef up biometric authentication so it can better identify and track immigrants coming into the country.

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Agencies cautious on blockchain applications

Agency execs caution that putting policy before technology could "hijack" future efforts to deploy the technology.

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The credit card industry got it right, agencies should do the same

Behavior analytics working in concert with data loss prevention, tagging, multi-factor authentication and a light human touch would allow agencies to verify when an intruder is pretending to be an employee.

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FBI mum on Georgia's wiped election server

FBI Director Christopher Wray declined to answer questions about whether the bureau retained data on a Georgia election server before it was wiped clean by state election officials.

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Cutting continuous monitoring down to size

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program is looking to reduce the effort dedicated to continuous monitoring.

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To fend off hackers, local governments get help from states

Some states are training municipal governments in cyber hygiene, sending in experts to uncover security vulnerabilities or lending a hand after a cyberattack.

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Why defense in depth must include secure messaging

With the rise of SMS text messaging, agencies must defend against attacks that try to trick mobile users into clicking a compromised link, sharing personal information or downloading a malware-filled attachment.

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OPM eyes blockchain for employee records

A blockchain-based employee record could help ensure personnel data can be securely shared across government.

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Understand your data before collecting more

A top-down data review helped Virginia develop a shared service model for cybersecurity.

automated processes

States see potential in intelligent automation, blockchain

CIOs for human services agencies in Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee see emerging technologies as a way to improve data quality and boost efficiency.

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The identity verification arms race

Now that attackers can crack the tools we use to verify identity, it's time for government to step up, one cyber expert told a House panel.

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