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Top cyber risks for 2018

As 2018 begins, a top risk consulting firm reflects on how the cyber landscape has transformed over the last year.

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States could wait 9 months for DHS election system assessments

States are being given priority for the risk and vulnerability assessments that provide an in-depth, on-site review of internal and external networks.

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Blockchain in government: Are we ready for prime time?

It's possible that enthusiasm for the technology may be outpacing its practicality.

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An ounce of ransomware prevention…

With basic hygiene and secure backups, agencies can protect and restore their systems after a ransomware attack.

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Login.gov seeks identity proofing solutions

Improving the variety of proofing methods and data sources will help the single sign-on program move toward universal coverage.

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Year in review: GCN's top tools and tactics for government IT managers

In 2017, we saw plenty of change, with consumer technologies flowing into government offices on one end and fascinating advances on the leading edge of computing.

Federal 100 winners announced

Last call for FCW's Federal 100 Award nominations

If you know someone doing outstanding work in federal IT, be sure to nominate them by Jan. 3.

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Baking security into customized chips

In tackling security at the CPU level, the Inherently Secure Processor offers a way to decentralize risk and build in protection from the start.

For sale: 2,719.32669068 government-owned bitcoins

U.S. to sell $10M in seized bitcoin

As the price of bitcoin is skyrocketing, the government looks to cash in.

smartphone authentication by taking picture of QR code (Douglas Levere, University at Buffalo)

Using smartphone photos for hardware authentication

Like matching bullets to a gun, researchers have been able to match photos to a smartphone camera using telltale "fingerprints" left on every image.

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When outsiders become insiders

Once an agency network is breached, a determined hacker becomes an insider, so the security mechanisms in place to mitigate the damage are critical.

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Biometrics could 'harden' immigration security, speed processing

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services wants to beef up biometric authentication so it can better identify and track immigrants coming into the country.

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    Achieving and maintaining compliance continues to be a top priority for state and local governments. This is especially true when it comes to cybersecurity-related mandates. The processes for ensuring compliance remain a significant challenge because of new and evolving regulations and requirements. Agencies also struggle with reduced staff and budgets to ensure compliance. This eBook examines the current compliance landscape and how technologies like data encryption can help.

  • Using Software as a Service For Innovative Government

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