men dragging servers uphill

The uphill battle for network defense

Protected virtual environments combined with greater transparency and better threat intelligence sharing offer agencies the potential to mitigate cybersecurity threats.

The Voter Fraud Commission wants your data -- but experts say they can't keep it safe

Newly revealed records show sloppy practices that could put millions of people’s information at risk.

TSA watch floor (Transportation Security Administration)

Cyber threat analytics: Putting the human back in the loop

Analysts' abilities to understand tactics and techniques, in context, will add a critical degree of resiliency to cybersecurity defense.

network defense (Timofeev Vladimir/

Network defense that moves the attacker's target

CryptoniteNXT takes away hackers' visibility into a network, making attacks more difficult and expensive.

man using touchscreen voting machine (Lisa F. Young/

States struggle to upgrade aging voting equipment

Eliminating vulnerabilities in voting equipment would require costly upgrades, better training and built-in security features, officials told a congressional task force.

digital drivers license (Gemalto)

Maryland takes digital driver's licenses for a spin

Officials at the Maryland Department of Transportation learned two things since opting into a pilot test of digital driver’s licenses: The licenses are more secure than plastic cards, and people really like the idea.

secure election (WhiteDragon/

Draft guidelines tackle voting security

The latest Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines widen the scope of election security to include voter registration and pre-election practices.

coding (REDPIXEL/

Is it time for a Cyber Peace Corps?

A Cyber Corps would not just help protect systems at home and around the world, it would also help train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

checking phones (GaudiLab/

Securing networks in the sharing age

Thanks to social media, employees are offering up personal information that can put agencies security at risk.

communication across the power grid (chombosan/

Persistent attacks target critical infrastructure, US-CERT says

Attacks have been targeting domain controllers and file and email servers of critical infrastructure systems, according to the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team.

secure keys (

SSH keys: The elephant in the compliance room

Poor SSH key management can open agencies to threats and compliance audit failures.

compliance (EtiAmmos/

Agencies love the Cybersecurity Framework, but loathe compliance

Automated processes can make compliance headaches a thing of the past.

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