Road to driverless vehicles paved with risk

Road to driverless vehicles paved with risk

Questions on safety standards and cybersecurity still need to be answered before connected and autonomous vehicles make their way onto the nations roadways.

CPB deploys facial recognition system at JFK airport

CBP deploys facial recognition system at JFK airport

Customs and Border Protection will use facial recognition technology at three terminals in John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City to verify travelers’ identities.

Innovations that strengthen cybersecurity

ACT-IAC assembled recommendations from industry, government and academia on ways agencies can reinforce their cybersecurity programs.

Unmasking malware coders

Unmasking malware coders

Army researchers are working on an algorithm that will help system administrators improve security by more easily identifying malware authors and tracking the origin of threats

Password security starts with making life easier for the user

To address the challenges inherent in password-based security, the U.K. government is taking a different tack -- encouraging its systems administrators to simplify their approach to passwords and use automated controls.

ID check at military installation

DOD requires Real ID-compliant driver’s licenses for facility access

The Defense Department will no long accept the driver’s licenses or state-issued identification from Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington and American Samoa for entrance to its facilities.

Unisys stealth in AWS marketplace

Unisys Stealth now available on AWS cloud

The solution was designed to provide advanced security to AWS customers while giving Unisys clients ease of access and scale of the AWS cloud.

Massive Linux vulnerability discovered

Massive Linux vulnerability discovered

The zero-day vulnerability allows Android or Linux applications to escalate privileges and gain root access.

NASCIO priorities

Cybersecurity is job #1 for NASCIO

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers named cybersecurity the top item in its advocacy agenda.

Using teamwork to fight DDoS attacks

Using teamwork to fight DDoS attacks

Galois has been awarded a $1.7 million contract from the Department of Homeland Security for a peer-to-peer collaboration technology that allows organizations to work together to detect and mitigate distributed denial of service attacks.

What DISA needs for secure networks

What DISA needs for secure networks

Officials from the Defense Information Systems Agency discussed the capabilities it requires for network security.

DNS security

How to protect data and infrastructure with DNS security

Attacks on the domain name systems are on the rise and can cripple an agency’s network.

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