Indiana IT

Indiana’s cybersecurity game plan

Indiana CIO Dewand Neely spoke with GCN about his cybersecurity strategy in the wake of recent ransomware attacks across the country.

worker typing (HAKINMHAN/

DIUx taps Plurilock for AI authentication

Defense officials are adding an additional layer of security to workplace computing through an artificial-intelligence system that monitors keystrokes and mouse behavior of individual users.

GCN dig IT awards

Deadline extended for 2017 dig IT award nominations

You have until July 15 to help GCN identify the innovative tech that's transforming government at all levels.

hybrid IT

Hybrid IT and data security musts

The key to an agency's successful cloud or hybrid IT implementation is to understand and maximize its cloud security posture in advance of the move.

 ‘Clunky,’ low-tech voting system still vulnerable to hacks

DHS: 21 states' voting systems probed by Russian hackers

In some cases the hackers got inside the systems, but their tampering had no connection to vote counts, according to a Department of Homeland Security official.

mobile malware (Morrowind/

Explainer: How malware gets inside your apps

Malware can be inserted into applications by attackers who modify apps and republish them, by compromised in-app advertising or by corrupted development tools.

cybersecurity discussion

Experts hash out next-generation cyber defenses

A new collection of essays highlights effective cybersecurity defenses that can be leveraged by public-sector organizations.

website security (Rawpixel/

Report: 60 percent of top federal websites fall short on security and privacy

The Online Trust Audit, which rates site security, consumer protection and privacy across several sectors, also noted federal sites' adoption of critical security best practices.

information sharing (Jirsak/

Over classification stymies threat-info sharing

Better information sharing can help with cyber preparation, but over classification of data inhibits public-private partnerships, a security expert says.

hands typing on keyboard (By ESB Professional/

Virginia Cyber Range serves up statewide hands-on education

An Amazon Web Services' cloud environment offers scalability and responsiveness to Virginia Tech's higher-ed partners, while minimizing costs.

cell phone encryption (Bakhtiar Zein/

When is 'not a backdoor' just a backdoor? Australia's struggle with encryption

It's worth being skeptical of any mechanism aimed at accessing encrypted messages on platforms like WhatsApp.

identity protection (By Jirsak/

Government’s role in protecting identity in an age of data breaches

We can’t go back to the old model of making people stand in line at government offices, but agencies must protect the identities of individuals requesting benefits and services.

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