adversarial machine learning

Machines learning evolves, and hackers stand to gain

Automated systems that teach themselves can be manipulated by adversaries.

https (ktsdesign/

Georgia gets serious about HTTPS

In an effort to make state government websites more secure, Georgia officials are switching to the encrypted website protocol platformwide.

digital identity (Blackboard/

NIST extends comment period for digital identity guidelines

The deadline for feedback on a portion of SP 800-63-3 is now May 1.

facial recognition technology

Facial recognition is increasingly common, but how does it work?

As facial recognition becomes more common in immigration and law enforcement applications, we must understand the issues of accuracy, privacy and ethics this new capability raises.

password in encrypted data (Nomad_Soul/

6 workarounds for accessing encrypted devices

A pair cybersecurity experts have published an essay that discusses the practical, technological and legal implications of encryption workarounds.

election security (Bakhtiar Zein/Shutterstock)

Questions, concerns continue to swirl around election security

The Department of Homeland Security is not seeking control of election-related critical infrastructure, but state and local election officials remain wary.

identity management (Vectomart/

In the cyber evolution, identity and access management is a key player

By going beyond the basics of IAM, agencies can maintain the level of security that is necessary to protect mission-critical data, without burdening the end user.

DOD bug bounty programs pay off

DOD bug bounty programs pay off

The Pentagon’s Hack the Pentagon pilot found more bugs faster, for a fraction of the cost of commercial penetration testing, a DOD digital service expert said.

cybersecurity (vs148/

NIST’s cybersecurity framework is changing -- what you should know

Although the framework sets up a solid foundation for cybersecurity, it is just a starting point, not the end of the road.

network security (

It’s time to repeal and replace network access control

Software-defined perimeter technology offers a more secure, efficient and cost-effective solution for enterprise network security.

officer with radio (John Roman Images/

DHS adds encryption requirements to responder radio equipment

The change will help ensure that responders from different jurisdictions using equipment from different manufacturers can communicate securely and successfully.

security services (Mikko Lemola/

Making CDM more accessible to state and local governments

The General Services Administration acknowledges that purchasing the monitoring and security services has been harder than it has to be.

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