voting with paper ballots (Mikko Lemola/

Stronger election security with less technology

While installing layered defenses and purchasing more secure technology would help protect voting machines, less reliance on technology may be the best way to secure the electoral process.

Mask of human head with bar code

The steady convergence of physical and digital identity

Modern identity management requires a layered approach that supports physical and digital identities and allows enables bring-your-own-identity policies.

Legacy voting machines ripe for tampering, breakdowns

Virginia considers decertifying touchscreen voting machines

The state could accelerate the move to systems that provide a paper trail for election audits.

data privacy

How to get both better data and more privacy

The Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission is pushing for a federal service that facilitates access to data for evidence building and ensures privacy and transparency in how that data is used.

facial recognition tech that penetrates disguises (Amarjot Singh,

Facial recognition penetrates disguises

Researchers have developed a deep learning framework that can make matches to faces even when they're obscured.

mugs of beer (Patrick Thomas/

ABC cops use apps to spot fake IDs

Underage drinkers are using more sophisticated fake IDs, but alcohol enforcement officers in some states are using smartphone apps to scan driver’s licenses to help them quickly weed out the phonies.

power plant (ETAJOE/

Cyberattacks target energy infrastructure

A group known as Dragonfly 2.0 appears to have gained access to operational networks of energy companies in Europe and North America, according to a new report from Symantec.

people voting (Gino Santa Maria/

5 ways to address election system weaknesses

Vulnerable systems can undermine voters' confidence in the security of the process and expose sensitive voter data.

admin password (ronstik/

Protecting systems from rogue root users

Hardware-based security can stop compromised credentials from being used to leak data.

Bitcoin (3Dsculptor/

IRS uses tech to track bitcoin transactions

The IRS is using commercial software to help it identify bitcoin owners who avoid paying taxes on their digital currency.

password tacked to a wall (BeeBright/

Choose better passwords with the help of science

While the password policies of the past decade have caused more user pain than security gain, researchers are finding ways to create passwords that actually work for regular people.

swat team (bibiphoto/

Military surplus transfer expands amid security concerns

The Trump administration has lifted restrictions on the transfer of military hardware to law enforcement agencies amid watchdogs' call for tighter security.

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