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Commerce seeks ideas for battling botnets

The request for comment focuses on "ways to improve industry's ability to reduce threats ... and what role, if any, the U.S. Government should play."

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Government’s role in protecting identity in an age of data breaches

We can’t go back to the old model of making people stand in line at government offices, but agencies must protect the identities of individuals requesting benefits and services.

Stalking the insider threat

Protection from insider threats

Privileged account management is critical in keeping agency networks secure.

Cloud solutions can transform network security

Software-defined access control assesses trust of both users and devices and allows access to applications and services based on granular trust-based decisions.

Reimagining the TIC for a cloud environment

As agencies move to adopt cloud services, the Trusted Internet Connections architecture is becoming increasingly problematic.

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Shoring up PCI compliance

Agencies that store, process or transmit credit or debit card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

election security

DHS secretary reaffirms support for voting systems’ critical infrastructure designation

Evidence of Russian hacks on the election system has Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly doubling down on his backing of the extra protection.

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After a data spill: Containing and repairing the damage

Five tips to help agencies minimize the damage of an unintentional data spill.

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When it comes to ransomware, it’s sometimes best to pay up

Paying up may be the rational choice for some organizations, but given that cybercriminals go where the money is, the repercussions for others could be significant.

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Social Security numbers: a security risk with serious staying power

Despite the risk of fraud and identity theft posed by the use of Social Security numbers as identifiers, agencies continue to use them.

encrypted data in the cloud

Computing with encrypted data

Researchers are working on ways to optimize fully homomorphic encryption, which allows manipulation of encrypted data, for real-world applications.

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Cybercrime investigation: Where geek meet gumshoe

A new publication outlines a standard for investigating and preventing today’s complex and sophisticated cybercrime.

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