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Cyberattacks on governments double

To hackers, government targets may be just as attractive as banks, a new report suggests.

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Can government secure the mobile ecosystem?

Mobile devices pose a special risk to government, in part because commercial carriers aren't subject to the security controls that can be applied to federal networks, a new DHS report says.

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How to implement enterprise-to-cloud security

Placed between cloud service providers and users, cloud access security broker solutions enforce an enterprise’s security policies.

Eye-dentify imposter detection software (DHS)

Eye-tracking tech helps CBP detect imposters

Eye-dentify tracks trainees’ eye movements during imposter detection training so instructors can provide immediate feedback on agents' performance.

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NSA approves virtualization-secured smartphone

The HTC One A9 Android smartphone running the Cog Systems D4 Secure Platform has been added to the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solutions for Classified list.

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Michigan plans cyber analytics center

The Cyber Threat Analytics Center will use feedback from network sensors, commercially available threat feeds and physical threat modeling to prepare for cyberattacks.

Virginia mobile driver

Virginia pilots mobile driver’s license

Tests of digital driver’s licenses show the potential of the technology, the leader of Virginia’s pilot program says.

Maxwell Air Force Base (USDA/Wikimedia Commons)

Air Force tests wireless smart perimeter

Under an agreement between the Air Force and AT&T, Maxwell Air Force Base is testing a sensor network and facial recognition technology to improve base security.

Locked Shields 2017 (NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence)

Cyber defenders hone skills in international wargame

For Locked Shields 2017, 800 participants from 25 nations defended a fictional military air base in the face of attacks on its electric power grid, drones, military command and control systems and other operational infrastructure.

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Cyber attacks 10 years on: from disruption to disinformation

Since the cyber attack on Estonia in 2007, internet-based incursions have escalated massively, but their targets have become more diffuse, indicating future attacks may target information and opinion.

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Security depends on data classification

By identifying, organizing and classifying data, states can lay the groundwork for reducing the number of possible breaches, NASCIO finds.

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Fighting tax fraud with electronic IDs

Several states are testing a program that leverages the authentication derived from driver's licenses to ensure tax refunds are sent to their rightful owners.

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