login screen (24Novembers/Shutterstock.com)

At long last, a common login?

Login.gov is a shared identity authentication solution that lets people use a single sign-on to securely access services from multiple agencies.

System scan (Robert Lucian Crusitu/Shutterstock.com)

Finding flaws in the system

Missouri's Office of Cyber Security scans systems of enterprises that operate in the state to find common vulnerabilities.

digital key (wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock.com)

7 essential elements to effective key-management policy

Managing cryptographic keys and the policies that govern them gets even more complex when the cloud is added to the equation.

Baseline tailor

A better way to build on the NIST framework

Baseline Tailor makes it easier for users to reference the NIST cybersecurity framework to determine the security posture and then tailor a subset of the SP 800-53 security controls to make that desire a reality.

mobile phone user (Don Pablo/Shutterstock.com)

Real-time protection against malicious mobile traffic

APE was designed to monitor network traffic on smartphones and block any activity that isn’t playing by the rules, whether it comes from malware, viruses or a hacker.

FEMA mobile derived PIV credential (FEMA)

Practical security for FEMA in the field

Federal Emergency Management Agency employees can now securely access work email, the intranet and other applications remotely by registering their mobile devices and receiving credentials derived from their FEMA-issued personal identity verification cards.

secure cloud fast development

IC collaboration, secure and at speed

Automated risk management and security compliance software scans the cloud environment for vulnerabilities and threats based on intelligence community standards, overlays, controls and audits.

cybersecurity (Rawpixel/Shutterstock.com)

NASCIO survey highlights IT consolidation, cybersecurity progress

NASCIO's latest annual survey outlines some of the challenges state IT officials face.

tech leadership (Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock.com)

Leading by example on CDM

In 2017, DHS became the first federal agency to officially implement a CDM program, giving senior leaders had a dashboard that shows them what is on the network.

partnership for election security

Creating election security alliances

Collaborating with local IT officials and private industry has helped election officials in Denver and New York improve their election security.

Can blockchain bring interoperability to healthcare?

CDC eyes blockchain for exchanging health data during disasters

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is experimenting with the distributed ledger technology to monitor the spread of infectious diseases in crisis situations.

paper ballot

Russian hacking fuels return to paper ballots

Amid security concerns over Russian hackers targeting state voting systems in 2016, there's a renewed focus on shifting to analog solutions.

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    Achieving and maintaining compliance continues to be a top priority for state and local governments. This is especially true when it comes to cybersecurity-related mandates. The processes for ensuring compliance remain a significant challenge because of new and evolving regulations and requirements. Agencies also struggle with reduced staff and budgets to ensure compliance. This eBook examines the current compliance landscape and how technologies like data encryption can help.

  • Using Software as a Service For Innovative Government

    As state and local government agencies continue their efforts to modernize and update their IT infrastructure to streamline operations, reduce costs, and deliver better citizen services, many are finding the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to be effective. Moving to a SaaS platform reduces the management burden on IT, improves access and scalability, reduces cost, and can actually increase security.

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