How to deploy DNSSEC now

How to deploy DNSSEC now

Agencies' cyber arsenal should include full DNSSEC implementation to address DNS security weaknesses and help alleviate the threat of DNS cache poisoning.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

How SLAC National Laboratory revamped its cybersecurity

SLAC created the Cybersecurity Improvement Plan after an audit by the Department of Energy found significant problems.

Biometrics: Unlocking government services

Biometrics: Our best bet for unlocking government services

Biometrics-enabled identity programs can help governments ensure service delivery, enhance security and increase convenience for citizens.

security DISA

DISA director outlines areas where he'd like more cyber-help

Lt. Gen. Alan Lynn thinks closer collaboration with industry could strengthen network security with three key types of IT.

More bad news for Flash-dependent websites

More bad news for Flash-dependent websites

A recent analysis by Recorded Future offers yet another reason why government agencies should reduce the use of Adobe Flash Player, as it was found to be the most frequently exploited web product.

GovRAT: Malware for today

GovRAT: Digitally signed malware

Attacks are growing more sophisticated, and stolen digital certificates are now part of the malware package.

bug bounty

Should the Army adopt a bug bounty program?

Writing in a recent journal, two Army captains advocate adoption of a bug bounty program to motivate the discovery of military network vulnerabilities.

US cybersecurity from malicious nation states

Beating back cyber threats from nation-states

Whether immediate and destructive or slow and insidious, cyber attacks are aimed at weakening U.S. capabilities on the battlefield and at the negotiation table.

Why threat intelligence is more valuable than PII

No one wants to share your Social Security number

Privacy concerns regarding information sharing are misplaced. What investigators need to see is threat intelligence, not personally identifiable information.

States vs. feds: Who does cybersecurity the best?

States vs. feds: Who does cybersecurity better?

A new study compares the cybersecurity posture of different levels of government.

cyber situational awareness

Army seeks new tools to pierce the data fog of war

Cyber Innovation Challenge seeks a way to visualize the risks associated with the networks and assets supporting a given mission.

Tony scott cybersecurity plan

OMB unveils new federal cyber plan

Federal CIO Tony Scott announced the Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan, alongside updated FISMA guidance, all aimed at improving Uncle Sam's cybersecurity posture in months and years to come.

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