man walking with smartphone

Behavior-based mobile authentication ‘on the horizon’

Technology that monitors how users interact with their devices has been demonstrated by various performers, a DHS cyber expert says.

network security (deepadesigns/

A blueprint for the modern government security operations center

By leveraging automation and analysis tools, government security operations centers can effectively face the new landscape of cyber threats.

phishing attack (wk1003mike/

Business email compromise: Don’t catch that phish!

Safeguarding an agency against email compromise involves both administrative awareness and technical controls, such as email rules, filtering and third-party solutions.

secure supply chain

Insiders in the supply chain

An insecure IT supply chain can present as much risk to agencies as an insider exfiltrating data, according to security experts.


How Pegasus for Android was unmasked

Even with security researchers looking for an Android variant of the iOS spyware, the sophisticated program designed to surveil specific targets managed to hide itself.

data sharing (Vector Tradition SM/

Why threat-data sharing is so hard

Agencies’ different interests in threat tracking, mitigation and prosecution can make it difficult for them to share information related to cyber attacks.

cyber health

Is it time for a U.S. (cyber) health service?

IT managers can improve data security by taking a page from how the health care community prevents, tracks down and resolves public health problems.

government cybersecurity (Bakhtiar Zein/

Looking to the feds for help in fighting cybercriminals

The proposed State Cyber Resiliency Act would create a dedicated grant program to help states protect themselves against cybersecurity threats and better identify, detect, respond to and recover from attacks.

adversarial machine learning

Machines learning evolves, and hackers stand to gain

Automated systems that teach themselves can be manipulated by adversaries.

https (ktsdesign/

Georgia gets serious about HTTPS

In an effort to make state government websites more secure, Georgia officials are switching to the encrypted website protocol platformwide.

digital identity (Blackboard/

NIST extends comment period for digital identity guidelines

The deadline for feedback on a portion of SP 800-63-3 is now May 1.

facial recognition technology

Facial recognition is increasingly common, but how does it work?

As facial recognition becomes more common in immigration and law enforcement applications, we must understand the issues of accuracy, privacy and ethics this new capability raises.

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