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How agencies should respond to shorter breach reporting statutes

As the increasing number of breaches collide with tighter reporting mandates, agencies must strike a balance between protecting citizens and taking the time required to conduct a meticulous forensic investigation.

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Has .gov been pwned?

The Australian and UK governments now have centralized access to Have I Been Pwned, a service that will let them monitor whether their domains' email addresses have been compromised.

Internet of Battlefield Things

Developing and protecting the internet of battlefield things

The Army Research Lab is exploring technology that enhances collaboration between autonomous agents and human warriors on the battlefield.

Get ready for IoT-enabled threats

As IoT use ramps up, so do attacks on networks

As the internet of things expands, the number of devices that must be secured is skyrocketing.

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Air Force tests baked-in software security

The AOC Pathfinder project leverages agile development to ensure that the software is automatically certified.

connected wearable health tracker (chombosan/

Does IoT cause more problems than it solves?

Home users may choose to take on the risk, but should the federal government?

Cyber Attack

Trustwave launches proactive Threat Hunting service

The service promises to look both internally and externally for early signs of compromise.

wannacry ransomware

Connecticut agencies hit with WannaCry

The virus made its way onto 160 computers in 11 different Connecticut government agencies, but there are no reports of data loss.

plane crash wreckage (U.S. Coast Guard District 13)

How airplane crash investigations can improve cybersecurity

The information industry should take a page from aviation and create a cybersecurity safety board.

North Korean hacker

North Korea's growing criminal cyber threat

North Korea's cyber warriors work primarily for the government, stealing money that is then used to fund its cash-strapped government.

voting scrutiny (Bakhtiar Zein/

DHS holds classified briefings for state elections officials

The meetings focused on risks states' election infrastructure from foreign adversaries as well as threat mitigation efforts.

futuristic computing (Timofeev Vladimir/

DOE budgets for cybersecurity, exascale, quantum programs

The $30.6 billion budget proposal would invest almost $500 million for energy infrastructure security and $636 million to meet exascale goals.

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