blockchain in healthcare

The new building block(chain) of health care records management

A scalable, secure data exchange ecosystem can support high-quality research while safeguarding against breaches of sensitive patient data.

digital planet (ShutterStock image)

Cyber nationalism and the new world order

More transparency, better law enforcement and a more robust engagement among the cyber superpowers can mitigate against the worst cybersecurity risks and reduce the influence of catalytic actors.

Election systems security under increasing scrutiny

Local elections officials are struggling with maintaining and protecting their election systems, despite offers of help from the Department of Homeland Security.

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Questions persist for national cyber strategy

Fundamental issues relating to domestic and foreign cybersecurity threats were discussed by experts at the recent RSA Conference.

document security (ShutterStock image)

5 ways to strengthen internal document management

Agencies that can streamline and secure their internal document management processes are better able to protect their assets.

cybersecurity threats (ShutterStock image)

Managing both acute and chronic web application security issues

Immediate actions will help agencies protect the health of their systems, but they must also address their long-term vulnerabilities.

social media scanning (ShutterStock image)

Social media screening pilots lack metrics, DHS IG says

Without measurement criteria, the pilots will be of limited use in planning and implementing a social media screening program, the agency watchdog says.

Vault 7 lessons on insider threats

Vault 7 lessons on insider threats

The WikiLeaks release of alleged CIA hacking program data shows why insider threats are still the biggest cybersecurity danger to the government and the private sector.

D-Wave quantum chip (D-Wave)

Virginia Tech, D-Wave quantum center targets defense, intell

D-Wave will work with Virginia Tech to train its staff, faculty and affiliates in the intelligence and defense communities to build new applications and software tools for its quantum computers.

Six steps to securing additive manufacturing

Six steps to securing additive manufacturing

The Defense Department's maintenance and supply-chain challenges have made it a leader in additive manufacturing, but the next major hurdle will be ensuring that the technology is secure.

State Department considers handheld biometric scanning

State Department considers handheld biometric scanning

State’s Diplomatic Security Bureau wants to determine the current market capabilities and price points for either a smartphone or tablet-based solution.

Why playbooks belong in every agency’s cyber toolkit

Why playbooks belong in every agency’s cyber toolkit

Playbooks help agencies automate and standardize the security process so analysts can focus on decision making and problem solving.

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