Why threat intelligence is more valuable than PII

No one wants to share your Social Security number

Privacy concerns regarding information sharing are misplaced. What investigators need to see is threat intelligence, not personally identifiable information.

States vs. feds: Who does cybersecurity the best?

States vs. feds: Who does cybersecurity better?

A new study compares the cybersecurity posture of different levels of government.

cyber situational awareness

Army seeks new tools to pierce the data fog of war

Cyber Innovation Challenge seeks a way to visualize the risks associated with the networks and assets supporting a given mission.

Tony scott cybersecurity plan

OMB unveils new federal cyber plan

Federal CIO Tony Scott announced the Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan, alongside updated FISMA guidance, all aimed at improving Uncle Sam's cybersecurity posture in months and years to come.

Protecting the youngest victims of identity theft

Protecting the youngest victims of identity theft

Some states make it impossible to use a child’s Social Security number and other identifying information to establish credit, and in Utah parents can have their child’s identifying information monitored by the state.

anatomy of a cyberattack

Anatomy of a cyberattack

By better understanding how cyberattacks work and applying that knowledge appropriately, organizations can better prepare for inevitable hacks.

Detecting insider threats in virtual environments

NGA seeks insider threat detection tech for virtual networks

The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency is looking for capabilities to bolster authentication and track activity across its virtual networks.

Virtualized network security

For today's government data security, trust no one

Unlike perimeter-based security, virtualized network security allows for segmenting the data center, firewalling off various sensitive areas without the need for external hardware.

Rhode Island releases state cybersecurity plan

The Rhode Island Cybersecurity Commission evaluated the state's cybersecurity infrastructure and made recommendations to enhance the resiliency of operations in executive branch agencies.

security of open source software

Why open source is a safe choice for agencies

Open source technologies combine distributed peer review and transparency, which speeds innovation and lowers costs.

Cyber, mobile and managed services:  What state CIOs are saying

Cyber, mobile and managed services: What state CIOs are saying

NASCIO's latest poll of state CIOs explores a wide range of IT problems and priorities.

Securing the smart city

Securing the smart city

State and local governments are balancing privacy, security and citizen service as the amount of available data explodes -- and finding that policy needs to catch up with the tech.

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