FEMA's secret weapon for risk management

Amid all the security solutions and compliance standards, the most effective tool is decidedly low tech.


Locking down containers

A new security solution lets government agencies share data via cryptographically secure containers.

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Why government agencies must embrace CDM

The risk-based approach of the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program shifts cybersecurity from solely a technical issue to an everyday business priority.

What’s keeping states from adopting CDM?

What’s keeping states from adopting CDM?

Technically, state and local governments can buy tools and services from the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program, but few have jumped on board.

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Working groups tackle IoT security

National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s working groups made initial presentations on securing the internet of things.

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DHS eyes social media as lever for ‘extreme vetting’

Browser histories, telephone contacts and social media use may help DHS supplement the sometimes spotty or even non-existent data on travelers available from their home countries.

identity and access management

Resolving trust issues in collaborative work ecosystems

Contextual access-control solutions grant access to resources according to context-based security policies.

Using deception technologies to thwart attacks and reveal targets

Using deception technologies to thwart attacks and reveal targets

Using intelligent deception, IT security teams can not only deflect attacks, but they can also detect what invaders are looking for and ultimately identify the cyber criminals and stop the attack.

Explaining cybersecurity threats in a decision-maker context (ShutterStock image)

Explaining cybersecurity threats in a decision-maker context

Cyber professionals must help decision makers understand the nature, impact and context of vulnerabilities so they understand the available courses of action, their relative costs, impacts and benefits.

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Making fingerprints more reliable biometrics

The intelligence community's research arm is working on detecting fake fingerprints and developing devices to collect fingerprint data without a human operator.

 (Photo/75th Training Command, Army Reserve Maj. Adam Collett)

Army Reserve pilots management tool for cyber talent

Working with Carnegie Mellon University, the Army Reserve has developed the Cyber Warrior Database, a master repository to track the skills soldiers acquire in their civilian jobs and match them to potential military applications.

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Voting infrastructure protections need fleshing out

The independent federal commission that helps states improve their voting systems wants more clarity on what DHS' critical infrastructure designation means.

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