DOD bug bounty programs pay off

DOD bug bounty programs pay off

The Pentagon’s Hack the Pentagon pilot found more bugs faster, for a fraction of the cost of commercial penetration testing, a DOD digital service expert said.

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NIST’s cybersecurity framework is changing -- what you should know

Although the framework sets up a solid foundation for cybersecurity, it is just a starting point, not the end of the road.

network security (

It’s time to repeal and replace network access control

Software-defined perimeter technology offers a more secure, efficient and cost-effective solution for enterprise network security.

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DHS adds encryption requirements to responder radio equipment

The change will help ensure that responders from different jurisdictions using equipment from different manufacturers can communicate securely and successfully.

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Making CDM more accessible to state and local governments

The General Services Administration acknowledges that purchasing the monitoring and security services has been harder than it has to be.

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Attacks, crashes underscore need for new 911 systems

Recent disruptions in legacy 911 emergency-response systems point up the urgent need for new technology, but few states or localities can afford the upgrades.

chipped key

The age of hacking brings a return to the physical key

Combining a password management program with a chipped Universal Second Factor key can create very strong passwords that users don’t need to memorize.

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NGA looks to ‘reinvent security’ with fast-churn cloud architecture

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency wants the flexibility to tear down its cloud architecture and rebuild it every day so that would-be attackers confront a confusing operating environment.

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House seeks clarity on FBI facial recognition database

Members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform questioned the FBI over its use of facial recognition technology.

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7 reasons why cloud-based security makes sense

Moving the point of mitigation from the data center to the cloud platform offloads the responsibility from an agency’s IT staff to that of the cloud provider and offers several other advantages.

blockchain as a service

IBM launches blockchain as a service

Based on the IBM Cloud, the new service gives enterprises a way to experiment with the distributed ledger technology.

blockchain in healthcare

The new building block(chain) of health care records management

A scalable, secure data exchange ecosystem can support high-quality research while safeguarding against breaches of sensitive patient data.

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