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Choose better passwords with the help of science

While the password policies of the past decade have caused more user pain than security gain, researchers are finding ways to create passwords that actually work for regular people.

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Military surplus transfer expands amid security concerns

The Trump administration has lifted restrictions on the transfer of military hardware to law enforcement agencies amid watchdogs' call for tighter security.

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Better prep for cyberattacks

A robust threat management strategy ensures the overall health and security of the environment and mitigates threats posed by employees, hostile actors and organized large-scale attacks.

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Ransomware protection for backup data

BackupAssist is adding ransomware protection to its suite of data recovery tools.

AI enabled security (Tatiana Shepeleva/

Artificial intelligence cyberattacks are coming -- but what does that mean?

Adding AI to today's cybercrime and cybersecurity world will fuel what is already a rapidly escalating arms race between attackers and defenders.

hidden cobra botnet

US-CERT details North Korean bot

The alert from the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team explains how network defenders can detect and mitigate the Hidden Cobra DDOS botnet.

login as root

Weave your cybersecurity tactics into a cohesive strategy

By protecting the credentials used to spread an attack, IT managers can mitigate damage after an initial breach.

quantum computing (Brookhaven National Lab)

How quantum mechanics can change computing

Although large-scale quantum computers do not yet exist, they may hold the key to the future of internet security.

risk management

How agencies can comply with the cyber executive order

The risk-management approach requires agencies to have a clear and detailed understanding of their IT environment.

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Communities forming around blockchain for government

The Government Blockchain Association and DC Blockchain Center are bringing public- and private-sector officials together to leverage the technology in the government space.

facial recognition for drivers license

NY's facial recognition program continues to nab fraudsters

To date, the technology has flagged more than 21,000 cases of possible identity fraud.

USS John S. McCain (Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class James Vazquez)

Cyber suspicions floated after latest ship collision

The Navy says there is no sign of cyber intrusion, but "all possibilities" will be investigated.