Strava heat map (Strava)

Strava map shows the tradeoffs of geo-tracking

As location-based data becomes increasingly important to smart cities, the security and privacy concerns must be addressed.

cybersecurity orchestration and automation

Addressing cyber gaps with automation and orchestration

DHS and Marine Corps officials look to automation and orchestration to patch gaps in their cybersecurity strategies.

mobile user texting

Alabama launches authentication app to stop tax refund fraud

By using the app, residents can ensure their tax returns aren't sent to someone who has stolen their identity.

smartphone and city (ponsulak/

Digital services, cyber, cloud priorities for state execs

Although state IT officials expect cloud and digital services adoption to grow, cybersecurity remains their top priority.

data privacy (HQuality/

Census wants help evaluating its privacy-preserving software

The Census Bureau is looking for help auditing software that preserves the privacy of the data it will collect and analyze in the 2020 population count.

global communications

Argonne pushes global adoption of Cyber Fed Model

The web-based platform disseminates alerts through machine-to-machine information sharing.

secure environment (TippaPatt/

DISA helps mission partners manage system risk

The service product packages are designed to ease compliance with the Risk Management Framework.

blockchain (whiteMocca/

Guarding against the possible Spectre in every machine

As companies and government agencies explore ways to ensure that items are manufactured, assembled, shipped and delivered reliably and without tampering, they're building robust blockchain-based systems that can help track and secure hardware.

policy checklist

State CIOs stress security, emerging tech and IT consolidation for 2018

The National Association of State CIOs has outlined its legislative priorities, focusing on harmonizing federal cybersecurity regulations, recognizing state authority in emerging technology and ensuring safeguards for shared intergovernmental data.

light in framework tunnel (Roman Sakhno/

The Cybersecurity Framework is helping agencies, but there's room for improvement

IT managers have gotten better at preventing attacks, but they must ensure they can also quickly respond and recover.

fake news (igorstevanovic/

Can Russian cyber meddling be stopped?

The low-cost electronic meddling that sows suspicion in the democratic process is likely to continue, a cybersecurity expect told a Senate panel.

pointing at code (Dmitry A/

ONR seeks to speed development of cryptographic software

Galois is creating a suite of tools that will improve the development and testing of new cryptographic algorithms.