Ransomware on SLED networks

FBI alerts schools to ransomware threat

A hacker group called TheDarkOverlord has been trying to sell private records extorted from almost 100 schools and businesses.

men with mobile phones (View Apart/Shutterstock.com)

Your mobile phone can give away your location, even if you tell it not to

Using a phone's GPS, gyroscopes, microphones and accelerometers, malicious apps can snoop on users and data in the device's memory.

blockchain (whiteMocca/Shutterstock.com)

Illinois builds momentum for blockchain

With lessons learned from pilot projects, the Illinois Blockchain Initiative maps out its next steps.

Are states ill-equipped to manage cybersecurity?

States step up pace of cyber regulations

With the increasing frequency and severity of cyberattacks, state legislators are raising their security requirements, a new report says.

email security

Raising the red flag on recent DMARC hype

DMARC as only a small piece of a much larger email security strategy that must include real-time mailbox-level inspections that analyze both communication habits and sender indicators.

Federal 100 logo

Federal 100 winners announced

The winners went above and beyond their job descriptions, making contributions in buying, managing and using technology that had a positive impact on government IT.

smart city security (By Shaynepplstockphoto/Shutterstock.com)

Collaborating for better smart cities

At the Global City Teams Challenge, government leaders will discuss how security and privacy can be addressed in smart city technology.

secure tax filing

As filing season and tax-law changes loom, the IRS stresses identity security

The IRS wants to help individuals securely access their tax data and simplify interactions with states and the tax preparation industry.

identity (ktsdesign/Shutterstock.com)

NIST's digital identity deadline approaches

Federal agencies have just five months to get their legacy systems in compliance with National Institute of Standards and Technology's digital identity guidelines.

facial recognition tech (Artem Oleshko/Shutterstock.com)

TSA explores facial recognition at LAX

The Transportation Security Administration is testing facial recognition technology that compares almost real-time images of passengers' faces with the images on their electronic passports.

voting (Alexandru Nika/Shutterstock.com)

States get policy help in securing the 2018 vote

Federal execs say they want to make election advertising more transparent, upgrade equipment and help strengthen network security.

Strava heat map (Strava)

Strava map shows the tradeoffs of geo-tracking

As location-based data becomes increasingly important to smart cities, the security and privacy concerns must be addressed.

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