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Unmasking AI-assisted cyber attacks

Researchers are developing algorithms that can detect when malware uses adversarial machine learning to attack networks and evade detection.

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How agencies can protect against phishing attacks

Defending against phishing attacks involves a combination of policies, procedures and controls.

phone with Louisiana digital drivers license

Could plastic driver’s licenses become a thing of the past?

Despite privacy concerns, many officials envision people using digital licenses not only for traffic stops and airport ID but also in bars, banks, doctor’s offices and as voter ID at polling places.

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On the road toward derived mobile credentials

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently issued a practice guide showing two ways federal employees using mobile devices could be authenticated to access secure information systems and applications.

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Can a new standard prevent an encryption meltdown?

Even with government and industry working on quantum-resistant encryption, getting any solutions rolled out will take time and a massive effort.

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Physical security critical in protecting agency data

Besides protecting systems from automated attacks, agencies must also guard against data being physically removed from the building.

facial recognition (yurakrasil/

Facial recognition: A call for government leadership

Government should step in to ensure facial recognition technology is developed without biases, experts say.

security in the cloud (ShutterStock image)

Cloud security is the agency’s responsibility

A holistic approach that tears down the traditional silos of backup and recovery, security and infrastructure management will ensure the security of data in the cloud.

A framework for secure software

The Business Software Alliance is crafting a framework to help policymakers develop rules and legislation around software security.

mobile devices (Leonardo da/

Managing BYOD's second act

Although most of the focus of bring-your-own-device policies has been on security, agencies must also ensure their networks continue to operate efficiently in the midst of the growing mobile use.

30 years ago, the world’s first cyberattack set the stage for modern cybersecurity challenges

The Morris worm set the stage for the crucial, and potentially devastating, vulnerabilities in what has been called the coming internet of everything.

mobile user (SvetaZi/

How West Virginia brought blockchain-secured voting to Election Day

The West Virginia Secretary of State estimates 144 voters in 30 different countries used the app to cast secure, anonymous ballots.

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