Quantum computing: Probable solutions incredibly fast

Quantum-based random numbers to go

The Q-RAND random-number generator takes advantage of the unpredictable behavior of subatomic particles and can be inexpensively embedded in electronic devices like USB sticks.

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Anatomy of a bot campaign

A new report digs into the behavior and strategies that guide botnet-directed campaigns.

Protecting the power grid from GPS spoofing

Researchers have developed an algorithm that can detect and correct anomalous GPS timing signals.

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California creates elections security office

The Office of Elections Cybersecurity is dedicated to limiting incidents that could interfere with the security or integrity of elections in the state.

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CDM moves to mobile

The Department of Homeland Security is working to expand the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program to mobile devices.

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Improving information sharing across the Atlantic

Agreement on data handling practices combined with advanced technologies can create a trusted threat intel sharing environment between the U.S. and its European allies.

cybersecure new york city

Building NYC’s secure cyber future

Resources, technology and partnerships have helped New York City battle cybercrime and enhance digital protections.

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SaaS adoption is on the rise, but so is data loss

With user error the largest risk factor, agency IT teams should leverage automated backup and restoration technology to guarantee the security and accessibility of cloud data.

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Getting to a development process that is both faster and more secure

Dynamic, role-based SSH certificates can eliminate security burdens from DevOps and contribute to a more efficient and secure network that serves all users.


Election-system sensor deployment continues ahead of midterms

There are now 87 Albert sensors actively supporting election infrastructure at the state and county levels.

Friedman Black Hat presentation (Allan Friedman)

Assembling an ingredients list for software

The Commerce Department's "software bill of materials" initiative could give IT managers a better sense of what is in their enterprise software.

LinkNWK kiosk (Intersection)

New ways to secure public Wi-Fi

The maker of LinkNYC and LinkNWK Wi-Fi kiosks are rolling out an app to encrypt communications between the hotspots and user devices.

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