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Governors, state CIOs push for streamlined federal cyber regulations

Federal cybersecurity regulations have become a challenge to state governments that are working to consolidate their IT operations.

rural broadband (Amy Johansson/

For rural America, IoT innovation starts with better broadband

In a hearing to examine advancing the use of the internet of things in rural communities, testimony focused on a more fundamental issue -- expanding broadband deployment.

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Making the network the best line of defense from the inside out

By creating a software-defined secure network, agency IT professionals can turn every component of their network into a security enforcement point.

election security

Senate bill gives states a leg up in securing elections

A bipartisan bill looks to help state officials better secure their elections systems by providing access to classified information, cyber expertise and funding.

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Real security requires strong encryption -- even if investigators get blocked

Police without a back door into encryption systems still have several options for obtaining evidence.

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Agencies address CDM rollout challenges

The Department of Energy and NASA are working on deploying CDM to their component agencies.

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Michigan governor signs volunteer cyber corps bill

Under the Cyber Civilian Corps Act, cyber responders can provide technical assistance if the state gets hit by a cyberattack or data breach.

FirstNet contract award deadline slips

Lawmakers want assurances on FirstNet’s security

The FirstNet broadband wireless communication network will be well protected against cyber threats, AT&T says.

men dragging servers uphill

The uphill battle for network defense

Protected virtual environments combined with greater transparency and better threat intelligence sharing offer agencies the potential to mitigate cybersecurity threats.

The Voter Fraud Commission wants your data -- but experts say they can't keep it safe

Newly revealed records show sloppy practices that could put millions of people’s information at risk.

TSA watch floor (Transportation Security Administration)

Cyber threat analytics: Putting the human back in the loop

Analysts' abilities to understand tactics and techniques, in context, will add a critical degree of resiliency to cybersecurity defense.

network defense (Timofeev Vladimir/

Network defense that moves the attacker's target

CryptoniteNXT takes away hackers' visibility into a network, making attacks more difficult and expensive.

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