What makes hackers tick?

For a new study, ethical hackers will wear monitors that measure their biological responses as they attack computers in a network simulation.

Aging voting machines cost local, state governments

Are voting machine hacks overblown?

Breaking into voting machines and altering vote counts is a good deal more difficult than recent election-hacking headlines suggest.

blockchain (Aleutie/

How government can get the most out of blockchain

By starting small, and focusing on user experience and agile development, agencies can take advantage of the new foundational technology.

cybersecurity (Nata-Lia/

Worried about hackers, states turn to cyber insurance

As the threat from hackers and cybercriminals intensifies, a growing number of states are buying cyber insurance to protect themselves -- and taxpayers.

talking about cloud security

Who's really responsible for cloud security?

Understanding the division of security responsibilities between the agency and cloud service providers makes it easier for CIOs to safely move their data to the cloud.

iphone password screen (

Another mass shooting, another locked phone

Federal investigators want access to the Texas shooter's locked phone, but most security researcher think it’s a bad idea.

barcoded human (

The challenge of authenticating real humans in a digital world

While cameras, sensors and other devices can make authentication easier for people to accomplish, they carry their own weaknesses.

blockchain in government

Blockchain: Getting government beyond the hype

Interest in blockchain's public sector potential is growing. But while use cases and proof of concepts are hinting as what's possible, agencies have a ways to go before projects can be rolled out on a larger scale.

facial recognition (

Facial recognition improving 'at breakneck speeds'

Recent winners of the IARPA challenge demonstrate improvements with the technology's accuracy and speed.

compliance (garagestock/

Governors, state CIOs push for streamlined federal cyber regulations

Federal cybersecurity regulations have become a challenge to state governments that are working to consolidate their IT operations.

rural broadband (Amy Johansson/

For rural America, IoT innovation starts with better broadband

In a hearing to examine advancing the use of the internet of things in rural communities, testimony focused on a more fundamental issue -- expanding broadband deployment.

secure network (vs148/

Making the network the best line of defense from the inside out

By creating a software-defined secure network, agency IT professionals can turn every component of their network into a security enforcement point.

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