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Fighting cyberattacks with volunteers

Michigan's volunteer corps of cybersecurity experts from government, education and private industry is one way states can beef up their cybersecurity expertise.

Get ready for IoT-enabled threats

IoT poses security risks for DOD

A new GAO report called for the Pentagon to strengthen its policies and guidance for connected devices.

Flagged email

Why everyone still falls for fake emails

Exercises in social engineering focused on why social engineering works, how to prevent such attacks and how to gather digital evidence after an incident.

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Software brittleness may harden embedded systems

Brittleness causes programs to fail fast when under attack, which allows systems to quickly detect and disrupt cyberattacks and revert to known-good states.

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Containment can protect IoT and cloud infrastructure from malware

Since it's impossible to provide total protection for all devices, application-layer trusted-access control can secure resources before disaster strikes.

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Finding PII in a haystack of data

Veritas' Classification Engine makes it easier for agencies to identify and protect sensitive data.

cybersecurity and fraud

The shifting threat landscape

The number of zero-day and web attacks both decreased in the last year, but attackers found other effective delivery methods, Symantec says.

cell phone conversation

BlackBerry's encrypted mobile service gets NSA approval

SecuSUITE for Government provides end-to-end encryption of voice calls and messages.

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Illinois blockchain pilots take shape

The Illinois Blockchain Initiative is moving forward with five use cases that demonstrate how the distributed ledger technology can work in government.

internet of things devices behind open door

Locking down networks when IoT opens the door

Understanding the baseline operations of networks and internet-connected devices goes a long way to securing systems, execs say.

hacking emergency services

Hacking emergency services: How safe is the 911 system?

Recent breaches in Ohio, Texas and Washington, D.C., illustrate the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of 911 centers and other emergency services infrastructure.

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A brief history of GnuPG: Vital to online security but free and underfunded

Relative to the increased computational power available today, PGP cryptography is as strong today as it was in 1991.

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