critical infrastructure security (Ravil Sayfullin/

Securing critical infrastructure against modern vulnerabilities and cyberthreats

By proactively conducting threat research, segmenting networks and deploying proper security hygiene, critical infrastructure providers will be better prepared to identify threats, secure networks against them and mitigate any resulting damage.

blockchain secured mobile voting

Blockchains won’t fix internet voting security -- and could make it worse

Officials and companies who promote online voting are creating a false sense of security –- and putting the integrity of the election process at risk.


6 growing threats to network security

The network has become not only a target but also a channel for disruption -- distributing DDoS, phishing, ransomware and other types of malware attacks.

circuit board (Pixel B/

Open-source hardware could defend against the next generation of hacking

When devices' designs and components are open for public view, downstream customers could verify the security themselves.

data protection (Ditty_about_summer/

Tackling privileged-access security

To prevent attackers from infiltrating government networks, agencies must secure privileged access, limiting intruders’ ability to move laterally and escalate privileges.

facial recognition tech (Artem Oleshko/

Biometric ID spots imposters at land crossing

Customs and Border Protection’s biometric entry/exit identification system nabbed two men attempting to cross from Mexico into the U.S. using someone else’s border-crossing cards.

blockchain and government

Why blockchain belongs in government

With its ability to secure private information and authorize transactions, blockchain can help restore the public’s confidence in government's digital information management.

How state governments bolster cybersecurity

States are strengthening their election infrastructure, institutionalizing threat information sharing and implementing software-defined access solutions.

phishing (DesignPrax/

5 reasons municipalities are getting hit by cyber threats

While enterprising attackers target government workers, solutions that combine the best of machine learning with expert human analysis can help stop, block and remediate advanced phishing attacks.

cybersecure new york city

NYC launches full-court cyber press

A multipronged effort aims to secure the city by investing in cybersecurity technology, entrepreneurs, a skilled workforce and empowering residents to better protect themselves against threats.

secure supply chain

Supply chain highlighted in Risk Management Framework update

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's latest draft of the RMF advises IT managers to integrate supply chain risk into their overall risk management outlook.

people voting in California

Voting system security: It’s broken and we should fix it

To address elections vulnerabilities, best security practices must be applied across the board – from voter registration systems to tabulation machines.

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