secure supply chain

Supply chain highlighted in Risk Management Framework update

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's latest draft of the RMF advises IT managers to integrate supply chain risk into their overall risk management outlook.

people voting in California

Voting system security: It’s broken and we should fix it

To address elections vulnerabilities, best security practices must be applied across the board – from voter registration systems to tabulation machines.

woman taking a polygraph (Iurii Chornysh/

Is a polygraph a reliable lie detector?

Polygraphs may offer some confidence that a person is telling the truth about a particular incident, but so far, there's no 100 percent reliable physical sign of telling a lie.

blockchain (

Considerations for a successful blockchain pilot

A new report from Deloitte outlines six factors for government agencies interested in starting a blockchain pilot.

data scan (Titima Ongkantong/

From grunt to glory -- the evolution of the government security analyst

A confluence of technological and cultural shifts happening right now are re-establishing SOCs as the most exciting and strategic place to work in government cybersecurity.

election security (

Paper backups and audits: Officials preparing for midterms

Election officials says they're focused putting contingency plans in place so voting can continue even if digital systems are disrupted.

USB-C connection (Alexander_Evgenyevich/

With USB-C, even plugging in can set you up to be hacked

USB-C chargers can allow criminals to attack the computer of an unsuspecting user who is just trying to power up the device’s battery.

power grid (elxeneize/

Electric grid protection through low-cost sensors, machine learning

Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a relatively inexpensive method for on-the-fly detection of attacks on power grids.

Get ready for IoT-enabled threats

Mirai creators helping FBI crack cybercrime cases

The government's plea agreement with the three teens who built the Mirai botnet is providing investigators with insider tools and knowledge.

bitcoin in data center

Cryptojacking: The canary in the coalmine?

The theft of CPU power to mine cryptocurrencies does more than siphon off agency resources -- it also opens the door for more malware to affect machines and networks.

digital key (wavebreakmedia/

Encryption management in government hyperconverged IT networks

Today’s hyperconverged networks demand a comprehensive range of encryption solutions to secure data-at-rest and data-in-motion across agencies.

cybersecure new york city

Cybersecurity for smart cities: Changing from reactionary to proactive

Smart cities can increase security with a networking strategy that continually aligns the end-to-end architecture with business goals.

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