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National Guard team builds open-source cyber toolkit

The Missouri National Guard Cyber Team's RockNSM platform gives cyber incident response teams insights into attempted breaches and overall network health.

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Committee urges broader election security protections

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is calling for states to protect voter registration databases, assess voting machines for risk and deploy better detection technology across their election infrastructure.


NIST updates Risk Management Framework

The draft version of the Risk Management Framework highlights the interdependence of IT security and privacy protection.

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Agencies grow to trust the cloud, but still must verify

Although the cloud has demonstrated its utility, agility and scalability, federal execs underscore the importance of security.

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Securing the public cloud with HSM as a service

While traditional hardware security modules may have proved difficult to deploy in the public cloud, HSMaaS solutions offer data security and management at cloud scale.

cloud forensics

Digital forensics library for investigators

The online repository supports creating legal policy and procedures around the lawful access to evidence from public and private cloud sources.

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Cryptojacking spreads across the web

Users are being tricked into downloading scripts that use their computers to perform the complex mathematical calculations required by distributed-ledger applications.

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Security fundamentals: File integrity monitoring

Agencies that can shift their risk management perspective from a piecemeal approach to a holistic one focusing on integrity management will start seeing benefits that span security, compliance and IT operations.

secure network

Iowa offers public-sector network clients a la carte security services

To underscore the need for upstream cybersecurity, the Iowa Communications Network is offering its offering clients a free, extensive threat assessment.

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Connecticut tasks law enforcement with cyber duties

The Connecticut Cybersecurity Action Plan calls for a dedicated entity to investigate cybercrimes and threats to individuals, businesses and critical infrastructure.

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Do you know where your data's been?

Data lineage gives IT managers visibility so they can trace errors, debug applications or recreate lost output.

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Forging a blockchain agencies can use

Agency blockchain projects must address risk, change management and training as part of their strategy, a GAO exec says.

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