18 states tap DHS for voting security help

18 states ask DHS for help securing voting systems

In response to the threat of foreign interference in U.S. elections, 18 states have asked the Department of Homeland Security for advice on how to protect voting technology from cyber tampering.

Can blockchain spark a government services revolution?

The technology that underpins the Bitcoin crytocurrency has the potential to power all sorts of innovative government services.

HIPAA compliance monitoring of USF health system

Disrupting the network for better security and resiliency

The static networks of old aren’t built to address evolving threats. They must be replaced by highly portable and distributed networks that can anticipate the next potential threat.

Is mobile security finally getting some respect?

At DHS, software assurance goes mobile

A Science and Technology Directorate research project proves that reducing the risk of third-party applications is not such a remote possibility.

smart city

Survey: Attacks on smart city IT all but inevitable

A Tripwire study also found that 88 percent of IT professionals think such hacks would pose a threat to public safety.

Saving lives by letting cars talk to each other

When connected cars can be hacked from afar

As the U.S. outlines new rules for driverless car development and safety, Chinese researchers uncover vulnerabilities that can be exploited from 12 miles away.

bug bounty

Bug bounties: How federal agencies can learn from Apple

Apple's exclusive bug bounty program is one that federal agencies -- particularly the most risk-averse -- could embrace.

State computers increasingly under attack by cybercriminals

State computers increasingly under attack by cybercriminals

Although states have strengthened their defenses against hackers and cybercriminals who attack their computer networks, officials admit they’re not fully prepared for increasingly complex threats that could expose the personal information of their residents.

two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication in two weeks

HHS' low-cost, open-source 2FA solution protects users who connect to GrantSolutions.gov -- and is poised to do even more.

DHS official:  Look beyond November on voting-system security

DHS official: Look beyond November on voting-system security

The real emphasis, according to Assistant Secretary of Cybersecurity and Communications Andy Ozment, should be on building in cybersecurity "from the get-go" on the next generation of systems.

cybersecurity expenses

Cybersecurity gains awareness, but not funding

Although cybersecurity is being woven into the fabric of government, it’s not appropriately funded, a new survey from NASCIO and Deloitte finds.

Delaware’s bet on blockchain

Delaware’s bet on blockchain

The state plans to engage technology vendors to help businesses and state agencies use blockchain technology to distribute, share, and save ledgers and contracts.